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shall I smack him???

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Shall i smack him?
my husband?
He just doesnt think.....
for valentines he got me a card a single red rose and....
a blooming box of ferrero rocher DUH...Im on SW... what a muppet.
they are 3.5 syns each...do you know what he said?

they will last you ages then !!!
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Desperate to be slim!
Lol... they're a nightmare aren't they. I spent the whole day being broody and moody because he hadn't even mentioned it before going to work on his motorbike so I thought oh well, he's forgotten.
Then he came home with a single red rose that he'd had specially made to fit in a cardboard tube so he could bring it home in his bag without ruining it.
Awwww... bless him!!!
We have just had SW chips and Chicken Kiev from the new book. LUSH!


taking one day at a time
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lucky you I got nothing first time in over 15 yrs and he said didnt think ou were bothered :sigh:


Desperate to be slim!
Awww.... I got nothing on Tuesday when we'd been together for 7 years. I reminded him on Monday, and he'd forgotten again by Tues!!!
He was in the doghouse which is why I got anything today! lol


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Yes... smack him! Make some of the scan bran ones to replace them and then forcefeed your OH the ones he bought you, one after another till he feels sick LOL

I actually got a card. First time in 10 years!!! And better than that, I got handed it as soon as he got up.. no rushing to the shop for the leftovers LOL.

Feel better after smacking your hubby ;)


Reached Target. woohoo
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I got a card and a set of digital food scales, its exactely what i wanted. xxx
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smack him then come round to mine and smack my OH too, was my birthday too yesterday, got baileys and sparkling wine - I don't drink
the ferrero rocher heart thing - I don't like them.
We have only been together 12 years.
His saving grace was a picture he got me, but he went out all day to help his aunt, kept saying he wouldn't be long, phoned at 8 to get picked up and had been drinking so he went to bed - the steak is still in the fridge! I had a great day, roll on next year.


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I got heart-shaped cheese! But I love it, I can incorporate it into my HEXs, and I love cheese way more than chocolate so I actually thought it was very thoughtful.

One year I got a large cheese grater. To know me is to know I love cheese ;)


Minimins is the best!
i did well...got the new take that CD, a dozen red roses and som mary kay cosemetics!!! i brought him chocolate!! i thought that was very good of me!!!!!! and he sat and ate it in the cinema while i munched on some french fries (only 4.5 sins!!)
cant get over my will power at the moment!!!!!
but yeah i think you should smack him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Definitely a smack in order. I will join you as my husband is cooking Sunday lunch and just admitted to adding a stack of butter to the sweet potato mash.....what am I going to have now!!!! :(


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It wouldn't count as domestic violence, as long as you hit him with a large wet fish!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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I agree with the others!! Although at least yours was around. My Hubby is flying back from Mumbai as I type so no Valentines for me! I did get a text message though telling me that he loved me, suppose that's better than nothing!!!!

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