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Shall we have a daily update?

Hiya All,

Don't want to come in and step on anyone's feet, but this board isn't very active and I know there are a few of us out there - would anyone like to have a daily update thread? Maybe we could catch up on a daily basis to support each other and see how we're all getting on?

Today's Update:
I'm on day 2 today, feeling positive, eaten really well today and not feeling hungry. Done my fitness session tonight, using the book, but find it much easier to do when watching one of the old videos. Does anyone use the DVDs at all? If so, which ones?

Louale x
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Ok, no takers.....

I'll add my update, and maybe someone might come along and join me soon.

I'm on day 4 of RC and to date, I've lost 5lbs, which shocked me this morning as I weighted myself. Can't weight to see how much I will have lost in my 1st week - will weigh in on Monday.

I must admit, that I am loosley following the plan, and replacing meals that I don't fancy having, for alternative low cal alternative meals. I've been doing the exercises each day and I can already see a change in my body. I'm starting to think that 15-30 mins a day isn't too much of an effort to change the shape of your body, and this keeps me motivated to keep going.

Hope everyone is getting on well.

Louale x
i joined on line last night after the free trial ran out so im on day one of it and so far so good. Im just finding my way about it and think the food diary in it could be so much better.
good luck to everyone.
Hi Rainbow,

Good luck with RC!

I tried to access the free trial, as I'd love to try it out before I commit to paying up, but kept getting an error message.

I take it that you thought it was good enough to sign up lol.

Good luck.

Louale x

Good day today, feeling really good about the diet, as it really doesn't feel like a diet.

Think I must be eating about 12-15,000 calories a day. Finding the excercises a little boring, so going to have to buy myself a dvd to keep me motivated - anyone got any good dvds to recommend?

Hope everyone is doing well.

Louale x
Hi Louale, I am doing WW but I use RC dvds for exercise. I use the ultimate body workout. I find it brilliant and I have used it for years now. I would love to hear anyone elses ideas as I think I am due a new one :)

Goodluck with the diet. It sounds like you are doing really well.
here is the link to the free trial
Diet Profile - Rosemary Conley Online Slimming Club - UK

i did find it useful i have no classes near me at all so i worked it all out and if i joined for the year with the free month added on it makes it £1.50 a week so thought why not and hopefully after dishing out so much money i will stick to it. The site i find is very basic, however all the members are really friendly and the leaders spur you on with e mails and checking up. There is also challenges, ive just joined the xmas challenge, however if you have the book, mags and here you can more than likely get the same support.
well tonight i have a party so i shall be drinking :eek: wine and tonic water.. and i hope i can resist the snacks!!!
Thanks Hel,

Will have to check out Ebay and see if there are any going cheap.

I bought the new RC one with Coleen Nolan, which I'm really getting into.

Louale x
My daily update, day 2 today and feeling motivated. Have done 30 mins Wii Fit each day and stuck to the kick start menu to the letter :) Just got to keep it up!
I have just found this post - have to go to work now but will start my daily update after WI tonight!

Have a good week folks


Not doing so good, I seem to be able to stick to it 100% for 5 days a week, then 2 days a week I go mad and eat everything in sight. I really need to lose weight and will continue with the diet long terms, even if I only lose 1lb a week, since the only other option is to be fat.

I'm on maternity leave at the moment, so hoping that when I go back to work and a not around food so much, I might be able to stick to it for 6 days a week lol.

I do tend to eat in the evening at weekends, but my main problem is that I really have a sweet tooth. I went shopping at the weekend and bought some low fat cereal bars and snacks, but the problems is if I have anything like that in the house, I tend to eat one, then go back for more, so, the moral is - Don't buy them!

I tend to excercise about 5 times a week, so going to try and up it this week and see how I can reduce my calorie intake, without depriving myself.

Hope you all have a good week.

Louale x
Hi Everyone

Keep at it Louale, like you say 1lb a week is still a great acheivement.

I'm still going strong but it is only my first week so I'm still motivated! I've stuck to my calories today and am going to do 30 mins step on the Wii while DH watches TV. I am starting to notice the difference around my middle :D
Well, I lost 3lb at this weeks WI which took me to my 1 & half stone which is fab! I also measured this week and have lost a total of 20".

Getting lots of nice comments - people are really noticing which is great!

7lb to go by Christmas which shouldn't be a problem!!

No exercise for me tonight as I have driving lessons on a Tuesday - booo!

Hope everyone else is having a good day!

Well another good day for me diet wise, I'm staying strong (but like I said it is only my first week lol!) Weigh in day tomorrow..... no exercise today but have had my 1200 cals.
Hi Kat,

Wow, 3lbs is excellent - Well done!

You seem to be consistently losing a nice amount of weight each week! How many calories are you on?

I try to eat around 12,13,000 each day, but I think the fact that I've been going mad about once a week is making me lose weigh sooooooooooooo slow.

You're doing so well!

Louale x
Yes well done Kat that's brilliant news :D

My weigh in is tomorrow so I'll let you know.....
Hiya All,

Started off as a good day for me, porridge for breakfast, made myself a sandwich, chicken and salad and an apple, which I ate on the train to Liverpool. I'm in Liverpool for 2 days for work (even thought still on maternity leave!). I was going to have a salad tonight, had it all planned as I knew we were going to eat out, so took a cup-a-soup with me so that I could drink it before and not go too mad.

Only place we could find after a 15 mins walk was a steak house, so I went for the BBQ chicken and had a jacket pot instead of chips. Had dressing with my salad thought and had shared some battered mushrooms, no pudding.

Really have a sweet tooth and was tempted to buy a chocolate bar (or two) from the machine outside the lift in the hotel, would of probably done this if I hadn't been in company. So suppose not a very good day, but could have been a lot worse.

Would be really good to see what everyone else eats in the course of the day, I try to find low fat foods and ones that fill me up with the least calories. What are your best low fat snacks? Here are a few of mine.

Crumpet with Laughing cow light - 120 cals
O% greek Yoghury with honey (I put this in myself) 100 cals
Choc options when I really want something sweet 33 cals
Sainsbury's cup a soups 45-50 cals
M&S Meruignes (spelling?) 55 cals, although hard to stop at 1
M&S Cho Moose 85

Please do post a trypical day for you, this would really help with ideas.

Hope Wednesday is a good day for us all, I just need to get through the day and hope that when we have to eat out tomorrow for lunch, I can find a low fat salad to choose.

Louale x
Good luck Fatblaster, can't wait to see how much you've lost.

Louale x
Hi, well I am totally chuffed with my first week's weight loss..... 6lbs off :D I know you always lose more in the first week but I'm still really pleased with that!

I thought I'd start a new thread called Weigh Ins where we can all post our weekly weigh in results..

Well done Louale, you did well yesterday! I must admit I've been feeling hungry today and am going to treat myself to a choc bar :rolleyes:

Ideas of what we eat, well today's menu has been B: Special K L: 1 x ham sandwich, low fat pretzels and a low fat yogurt, T: Low Fat Spag bol, 1/2pt skimmed milk plus choc bar as a treat.

Perhaps we could all post our food for the day under this daily update thread, it might help keep us on track and give others ideas to pinch!?

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