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Shar Pei any one?


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It's not because she's a Shar Pei. It's because she's gotten into bad habits.

Time to re-educate her. Do you walk her daily? Is she getting all the exercise she needs? If not, that'll just aggravate the situation.

And if you're tense taking her out because you're expecting her to misbehave, she'll pick up on the tension and... misbehave.

Finally, ensure you leave the house before she does. Do not allow her to run ahead of you. That shows her you're the boss of where SHE goes, not the other way around. Every time she gets ahead, you stop her, sit her down, wait for her to calm down, then carry on.
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Hi thanks for your reply.
she gets 5 walks a day ranging from 10 minutes to 20 minutes, at least 1 of which is running free round a field after her ball. im not at all tense about taking her out shes more than controllable as concerns being able to hold her etc when shes being strong and we follow all the alpha dog rules of feeding her last and letting her out of the door and back in the house last. We keep her calm at home and dont fuss over her too much but i do let her walk ahead sometimes when were walking cos she wouldnt get any where near as much exercise if she walked beside me for the whole time plus thats not very exciting for her to not be able to behave like a dog sniffing around etc and running about it would take me hours to even get the end of the street if i made her sit every time she went ahead!

I mentioned with her being a shar pei as even the vet said its typical of the breed especially with other dogs and it says in a couple of the books to do with the breed that they can be stand offish. Just wondered really if any other shar pei owner had dealt with the same thing.

thanks though!
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yeah its defo due to bad habits, i think she needs a longer walk because it tires them out, they cant really take in much in 10 minutes hun, they need to sort of have a good run and it will also give u a chance to get some strong bonding outside as well as inside, quick walks r a bit of a tease to active dogs cos they just want to break free and run off, but if they get used to long ones and short ones too then they wont feel like they r missin out as much ,

hope this helps x

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