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Sharons exante jounery

I know I am late starting this but I thought I may help me keep going and be an interesting read for me in a few weeks.

Starting stats - will update over week
Weight 23st 4lb - aim 13st
Body Fat % 45.5 - aim 28%
Visceral fat 18 - aim 12
BMI 51.1
Muscle Mass % 29.3
Body Water % 39.9

Starting Measurements - will update every 4 weeks
Waist:56" - aim 31"
Hips: 60" - aim 42"
Bust: 49" - aim 40"
Thy: 29"
Calf: 20.25"
Upper Arm: 17.5"
Clothing Size: 28 - aim 16

Day one Tuesday 3rd August
Morning: Choc shake (ok)
Afternoon: Bar (nice)
Evening: Tomato soup - (not great)

Day two Wednesday 4th August
AM Vanilli Shake (pretty good)
PM Chicken Soup (yum) and bar

Day Three Thursday 5th August
AM Bannana Soup (nice)
PM Bar and Veg Soup (nice)

Day Four Friday 6th August
AM Strawberry Shake (ok)
PM Bar and tin of tuna with salad and balsamtic garlic dressing

Day Five Saturday 7th August
AM Choc Shake (nice as made with less water)
PM Bar and Mushroom soup (nice)

I know we havent got there yet but I will be 100%! LOL

Day Six Sunday 8th August
AM Egg, Holdendaise sauce and paprika
PM Bar and Tomato Soup (yuck)

Day Seven Monday 9th August
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Well I weighed in and I put on 5 pounds in one day due to my day off! grrrr although 13 pounds is still decent.

End of week 1 stats -
Weight 22st 5lb - down 13pounds
Body Fat % 45.0 - down 0.5% :)
Visceral fat 17 - down 1 :)

BMI 49.1 - down 2 :)
Muscle Mass % 29.5 - up 0.2 :)
Body Water % 39.9 - up 40.3 :) - atleast I know its not just water I lost!
Gee well done that is a whole chunk off your target. Amazing. Well done for being so disciplined to do that. I hope it inspires you to more this week.
Well done - and try to stop weighing yourself every day, it does not help - some days you may retain more water than others and can discourage you. I used to look forward to my weekly weigh in so much!
Bren xx
Sharon well done. I know you are disappointed that u ate a few times...especially last night. BUT if you can lose 13lbs with a couple of cheats....think what u can do with a 100% good week. Well done xx
God, you lost that much and you cheated - I am madly jealous!!! Well done, that is a fabulous loss.
thats a good point babystar! hummm I did do some excersize - ok not loads just 3000m row X 3 and a 3 mile walk with the dog.
Keep looking forwards not back is the trick I think. :)

13lbs is a terrific 1st week loss (altho I'm a bit concerned that you have not always had your 3 packs a day, I think they are pretty essential in the early stages because of the nutrient content) so rather than being disappointed about your slip you need to be looking on it as a great building block to the rest of your weightloss!
thanks yambabe the only time i didnt have 3 packs aday was when i had a tuna salad instead of a soup for tea and monday when i ate 10 tonne of chilli beef! but making myself have them more spread out - I am having a shake in the morning and cutting the bar into 3 to nibble on when I want to and a soup for tea like i did for the first 5 days before i stuffed my face withh shreddered chilli beef LOL thanks xxx

edited and saturday morning i had an egg instead LOL but i am having NO FOOD this week!
Week Two

Tuesday 10th Aug

AM - Shake
PM - Bar & Soup

Wednesday 11th Aug

AM - Shake
PM Bar & Soup
AAM - Can of tuna (in brine, drained) with 3 spring onions and some lettuce with balsamtic vinger, garlic and tiny bit of olive oil

Thursday 12th Aug

AM - Shake
PM - Bar
AAM - Spicey Haddack Stir fry with califlower rice (144cal 9.1g of carb)
Rowed 3000m

Friday 13th Aug

AM Eggs
PM -

Rowed 3000m

Saturday 14th Aug

Friends Farewell BBQ - no carbs about from the cake!

Sunday 15th Aug

AM - Bannana Shake
PM - Ate out at China Buffet ;-(

Monday - 16th Aug

AM -
PM - 2 slices of cheese and pork, strawberry shake and a bar and a bloody great chinese take away

So over all a pretty bad week never mind I have identified where it went wrong and I am back in the "zone"
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Hi i'm new to Exante this is my second day and I'm sooo hungry! Plus feel like I have tummy ache all day despite drinking lots of water? Please tell me it gets easier!!
I was very lucky I never had much trouble but when ketosis kicks in - its ment to stop you feeling hungry, good luck hunni keep going.
thank you these forums seem great for giving each other support :) I just have to keep going and hopefully after the first week I'll get used to it a little more!
it will defo be worth it when you step on those scales on day 7 xx
My little stick says I am in ketosis but i am still hugry and craving food-maybe just TOTM?
Just a quick question for Snobby, sorry for using your thread CC.

Is 172lb really your start weight or did you mean it to be your goal weight? Its just with your height you would already be under 25 BMI. Unless I've worked it out wrong!!
I have also just started Exante and feeling rough! Lets hope we feel better in a couple of days :)
Susie x
well what a crap week, i stayed the same, but to be honest that was a great results

must get my head back on track!

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