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Step 1 Sole Source And so it begins..................

So today is day 1 for me, first time doing Cambridge Weight Plan and I am excited to see the results.

Starting weight is 16st 2lbs with a goal weight of 10st.

6st 2lbs (86lbs) to lose and I hope to have lost it all in 2018.

I am on step 1 at the moment and intend to stay on it as long as my consultant will allow me, I know you need to switch to step 2 for at least a week after being on step 1 for 12 weeks.

My plan is to stay on step 1 up to and including 03/03/2018 as my birthday is on 04/03/2018 so want to celebrate that then straight back on it 05/03/2018.

That is a total of 61 days on plan between now and then.

I would love to be in the 13st's by then.

02/02/2018 - Day 1/61
P1 - Vanilla shake (1pm)
P2 - Tomato and basil soup (5.40pm)
P3 - Vanilla shake (8pm)
Water - 2.8l and one cup of spiced apple tea

Today I have mostly a lazy day, took my Christmas tree down then had a nice hot lush bath.

Currently faffing about online and watching telly and will look to have P3 at around 7pm or 8pm.

I have felt okay so far, do have a slight headache and have pee'd like a hundred times but that's all the water I have been drinking, one more bottle to go!!

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You are off to a good start D...

Wishing you good luck on your CWP jouney.
Day 1/60 - COMPLETE :D

02/01/2018 - Day 1/60
P1 - Vanilla shake (1pm)
P2 - Tomato and basil soup (5.40pm)
P3 - Vanilla shake (8pm)
Water - 2.8l and one cup of spiced apple tea

My giddy aunt I have pee'd a helluva lot today :p That's a good thing I hear, flushing all the bad toxins out of my body so happy with that.

I've felt quite good today actually, did have a headache for a wee hour or so this afternoon but it's to be expected, I have been living on quality street, pringles, rum, ginger beer and roast dinners for the past 2 weeks :eek:

My body will be like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat are you doing to me!

But it will get used to it, 60 more days to go before I can enjoy my birthday celebrations and celebrate weighing 13st something - that is the dream!!!

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Same today but just plodding on, it will be worth all the headaches when I get to goal weight this year :D

Will post each day what products I have had (it will more than likely be the same every day) so that I get into the habit of posting regularly.

I also want to hear about others who are following CWP so we can do this together.

Day 2/60 - COMPLETE :D

03/01/2018 - Day 2/60
P1 - Vanilla shake (11:30am)
P2 - Mushroom soup (4.30pm)
P3 - Vanilla shake (8pm)
Water - 3.5l and one cup of spiced apple tea

Well the soup was lush!!!

Someone in Instagram did say to heat up the chocolate and the cappuccino shakes, will defo try that.

I love hot chocolate, plus I don't know why but I feel like if everything I drink is cold I will be more likely to give this up, I need heat in my life!

Oh good idea.

I wasn't overly keen on the vanilla so put a tiny amount of coffee in that one the other day but I might have not put enough in, didn't really make a difference.

I'm gonna stick to the chocolate and the cappuccino (trying that this afternoon for the first time) as I want to enjoy the products.

I know I can just grin and bare it while I glug it down in 8 big gulps but if I don't enjoy it I will be more likely to quit and that is not going to happen!

Dolly's Weight Loss Goals 2018

16st 2lbs - Start weight - 2nd January 2018 :(
15st 9lbs - 7lbs loss
15st 5lbs - 5% loss
15st 2lbs - 14lbs loss
14st 9lbs - 21lbs loss
14st 7lbs - 10% loss
14st 2lbs - 28lbs loss
13st 11lbs - 15% loss
13st 9lbs - 35lbs loss
13st 2lbs - 42lbs loss
12st 12lbs - 20% loss
12st 9lbs - 49lbs loss
12st 2lbs - 25% loss
12st 2lbs - 56lbs loss
11st 9lbs - 63lbs loss
11st 5lbs - 30% loss
11st 2lbs - 70lbs loss
10st 9lbs - 77lbs loss
10st 8lbs - 35% loss
10st 2lbs - 84lbs loss
10st 0lbs - 38% loss
10st 0lbs - 86lbs loss

So yeah I did sit and work out all of my weight loss goals for 2018!

Ready to start ticking them off one by one :woohoo:

So already fell to the wayside a bit with updating the products everyday but they are always the same so I will forgive myself.

Today I was out all day shopping and for lunch.

I took my banana shake with me, had that with coffee and water.

Got home at around 5.30pm and had my 2nd shake then some soup at about 8pm.

Chuffed to bits I stuck to plan, this is the sort of thing I would usually always use as an excuse to cheat and I wasn't even tempted one bit :D

Phew just back from town, had to nip in to swap some trainers, only thing I ever need to swap for a smaller size!

Oh the smells!!!! Every kind of food you could ever imagine was wafting about all over the place, survived though and home for my shake and water.

Never managed to clear out the wardrobe, might do that tomorrow.

First day back at work, was quite a shock to the system when my alarm went off at 6:15am let me tell you!

Didn't help that I had to scrape my car this morning too.

Usually have my first shake at around 11:30am or 12noon so gonna try and stick to that even though I am up and about around 5 hours earlier than I have been for the whole of this year :eek:

Will keep you posted.

Phew made it, just had my chocolate shake at 12noon.

Was delish!

On to my 2nd bottle of water, need to drink 4 of them per day.

Everyone is eating all around me all the time :(

I know it's just mind over matter but its still hard.

Onto my 4th bottle of water which will take me to 3.2l today.

Holding off to 4.30pm for my 2nd shake of the day so having another black coffee just to help get me through.

When I feel tempted I must just remember why I am doing this, is it worth it to quit for a subway - NO IT IS NOT!!

It really is.

Managed to struggle on through, its just a case of distracting yourself isn't it.

I'm still quite early on in this and just trying my best to avoid a slip up!

I'm sure I read somewhere that it takes about 20 days to form a habit so hoping that in a couple of weeks it will not bother me at all as I will be completely in the zone and in a great routine with it all.

Just under an hour of work left then home for some soup and to cosy up on the couch with CBB before bed.

Thanks Clareel.

Just want to get my first WI under my belt to see how I get on.

Friday morning can't come quick enough :p


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