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Shars Diary - Restarting For The Final Time (i Hope!)


Glamorous Gran
I've been away for a while being naughty and feeling guilty with every mouthful of food.

I'm pleased to see that you are all getting along with the fabulous support that this site offers. Please throw some of that support this way - i really could do with some.

Should have been at goal about June if i had stuck to CD and not fallen off the wagon - instead a few more pounds have "mysteriously" crept on!

I will be restarting on Monday as i have bought what semms like a shopful of fabulous size 14 clothes to go on holiday in Dec so i MUST lose weight now or i'm well up the creek without a paddle.
DH wont fork out for anymore clothes if i dont get down to size 14.

I've spent the last couple of hours looking thru the site and especially at the before & after pics as they always get me hyped up so God willing, i will make it this time.

I know once i'm in ketosis things will be easier but my problem has always been getting back into ketosis.

Ive decided to write this diary as i feel as though it will make me accountable for my daily actions - i may only post a couple of words some days but i will post daily.

For the last couple of days i've been cutting the carbs in preparation for Monday and have managed to lose 2lbs:D so far.

My WI day is Sat so will be going from todays weight as my (re)start weight....176lbs:(

Its 1.00am and i'm at work and my eyes are getting a bit tired so i'm gonna stick on a dvd and i'll speak to you all tomorrow.

love always,
Shar xxxx
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Hey Shar, good to have you back. You know you'll get whatever support you need here. I'm on day 2 today and feeling positive about restarting, good luck for starting on Monday.
Hey Shar i started last wednesday and have replied to ur request for a buddy in another thread :)


Glamorous Gran
DAY 1 of SS - so far so good... had chocolate orange for brekkies and vanilla for lunch.
would usually have the vanilla for brekkies with cinnamon but was curious to taste the chocorange as its new to me. Was ok but a little sweet, think i needed to dilute it a bit more......only had 1 litre of water so far but its quieter now at work and we have just had a water delivery so i can get glugging. they keep wondering how come we're getting thru so much water lately...........ssshhh! LOL.
i'm determined to get through this, i look at how lots of you have managed months on CD and it gives me the motivation to keep trying.
To be continued.......


Glamorous Gran


Glamorous Gran
Hi Minime, managed 5lbs this week,which isnt too bad as i started SS on Mon and got weighed on Sat afternoon so by then i had 2 shakes + 1.5 litres of water. Next week i can weigh in the morning before stuffing my face with shakes, lol.
How did your WI go?
Well done on 5lbs, thats a great start. I lost 9lbs so really happy with that, but have now decided to do 790 as I'm doing 4-5 exercise classes a week and think I need the extra. I know it will slow weight loss a little but if it helps me then it will be a good decision.


Glamorous Gran
Well done on 5lbs, thats a great start. I lost 9lbs so really happy with that, but have now decided to do 790 as I'm doing 4-5 exercise classes a week and think I need the extra. I know it will slow weight loss a little but if it helps me then it will be a good decision.
9lbs is a great loss - well done:clap:. I thinks its sensible of you to do 790 if your energy expenditure is high - how are you getting on.

Sorry ive not been around - been really ill with chest & throat infection. DH insisted on feeding me as he said i cant be on meds with no proper food...so no loss for me over the past weeks. Back on track now though.


Glamorous Gran
Not been having a good week at all, we found out last Monday that my mum-in-law is terminally ill with cancer and is stage 4.
she has been given weeks to live so DH will be going to Jamaica ahead of me as it was way too expensive to change both tickets.
She's such a lovely woman, i'm glad i had the chance to meet her last year.....would love to see her before she passes away but i'm not going til December.

Half of me feels like ditching the diet but then reason kicks in and tells me it wont make no difference to the situation to do that so after a couple of days of picking last week & weekend i,m getting back on track.

Work yesterday was a nightmare, im a receptionist/switchboard operator in a hospital and the switcboard's hard drive has gone, we do have another one but its at the back of the office so im having to run to the reception desk to buzz open the door when someone wants to come in then run back to the phone to answer a call - talk about exercise!!!
Then found out it wont be repaired til next Tuesday, should have a bl**dy good loss next week then!


Glamorous Gran
Weigh in result

Had my WI today and have lost 6lbs, :D am over the moon but absolutely knackered as i update this so its off to bed for me. GOODNIGHT:nightf::nightf:
Hi honey...dont think we have met before ...but well done on your loss and staying focused through all that is going on with your MIL. I am very sorry to hear how poorly she is........we lost my FIL to about 10yrs ago to cancer related illness, and I know its very hard..you get very upset cos of the loss but I felt I also had to be strong for my OH, so emotionally is very hard for all involved.

As I say well done you for sticking to the diet and for realising that you not ss_ing is not going to make any difference to the situation.

Be strong and think how slim you will be when you see hubby next.

Hugs to you keep up the good work and well done on your loss again.

Lou XX,


Glamorous Gran
thanks Lou, MIL passed away last Tues, one day before DH's flight...i was so upset as i really wanted him to see her before she died.

Its really sent me in a spin as i just want to sit at home and eat but thats not poss as its only my wage coming in at pres.

My kids are really helpful when it comes to helping with the housekeeping.

Im missing DH like crazy :missing: and its expensive to call too often. Not sleeping too good either :nightf:. My weight went up last week but im trying to vizualize myself when i go out to meet him in December......slim& trim (fingers crossed!!!).


Glamorous Gran
Not had a good couple of weeks :sigh:. MIL's funeral was yesterday and we held a gathering here in the UK for those who couldnt attend in Jamaica. Its been a really busy and emotional week :cry:as i was helping with the catering for the gathering and had family staying from Coventry.
The diet has been on the back burner although I am really pleased though that i havent put any weight on over the week but now i can refocus on it. I'm hoping to lose a minimum of 20lbs by 12/12.

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