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Am in week 7 and thought my tired days were over. Got in early from work at 3, fell asleep on the sofa and just woke up now.

Feel a lot better for the sleep, but frustrated because I have 2 magazines to read, some things I have recorded and a book. Was hoping to do some of that before BF got in :eek:

Anyone else pretty far into it and still getting really tired days?
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Duh, am actually in week 8 - I blame the tiredness


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Yep - I am on week 6 and had to have an afternoon nap yesterday! x
Glad it's not just me, but am beginning to feel like an old person at Christmas, minus the nice food and drink....falling asleep after 2pm


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It's a bit embarrassing when you are at work..lol! Not really! x


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Hi Liz, I'm coming to the end of week 3 and I'm ok in the day but feel like a train wreck in the morning. I don't have any energy to get up and feel very dizzy. Do you get this or did have this and has it gone on week 8 for you? Zoe x


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Me too Liz. Week 5 - and been SO exhausted this week. Early on in the week I slept for 14 hours non stop. That's the longest I've ever slept in my life lol!

The fact that I'm ill doesn't help... but yeah you aren't alone. I hope it gets better, I feel like an old person too lol! I thought you were supposed to get more energy in ketosis?


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Hey hon .
wow you on week 7 already.... where is the time going....
Im always tired by the time the evening comes but I think for me its because my kids are up at 5ish rather than cd......
Hopefully this will pass for you soon hon............ x
Thanks guys. Thinks that's what it is Curly, the end of the day thing. I've been up since 7 this morning and wake with bags of energy. Feel fine all day and then as soon as I get in and sit on the sofa that's it!

Sorry Zoe but I've always felt great first thing. Initially I struggled to sleep and I jump out of bed. Weird because I've always been a night time person not a morning person.

Maybe I'm wearing myself out during the day.
Hi Watergirl, I'm usually a night person too and struggle to get up in morning. I'm only on week 3 but I'm exhausted after work too. Can't read or anything. I also take my dog a walk everyday and I'm really exhausted after that and I wasn't before. I think we just need to look after ourselves while on this as the low calorie intake must be quite dramatic on the body.
Hope you are all feeling less tired soon, although I have started going to bed aobut 9pm these days since I started the diet but feel better for it, but im not tired through day, it hits me around 8ish
Not heard of Hatton County World sorry! I live in Cambs. :)

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Hi, yep i seem to be pretty tired on CD and have low energy sometimes but I'm just so excited to be losing weight i've got used to it :) i just know to take it that little bit easier and I'm fine. When we start working up the plans one day we hopefully will get less tired as time goes on.

Good luck guys xxx

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