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she has just gotton worse :(

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My eldest daughter who is 8, her behaviour has gotton so bad...

no one wants to help.... her old school were useless, we moved houses for her to make new friends and a new school which are recognising she has a prob!

the physcologist she used to see did not help either, kepot saying school have no probs with her (old school) she never assessed her :(

doctors no help either :(

she smashed a 92 year old ladys window few weeks ago, she blamed another boy but told me 2 nights ago it was her, she was hypo and felt drunk?

lastnight alot of commosion outside, i w as bathing baby looked out bedroom window 3 parents and lots of kids talking about my daughter saying she kicked a little girl, they told the kids to play up the road stay away from the nastty little girl!!

she came in then flipped out on me..

every morning i have to put up with it..

she rings my mum all the time flipping, my mum has a go at me then, to let her watch tv, spend time with her etc.. i try too but she just freaks out?

social services is my next step obviousley but i am terrified :(

just rang her new school to speak to her teacher, ofcourse i am in tears now so when he rings me back he will see how badly affected i am, she is making me ill.. also arranged another appointment with a female doc (23rd may will be hard i supposed to b in le ic then flying on 2nd june)

she started puberty at the age of 6 ffs

sorry to rant just got no one else to talk too.. mum blames me. :(:cry:
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im so sorry hunnie! x


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Hi, it must be horrible for you to go through all that with no support. I know how hard it is to cope with a child like that, try and dicipline them and love them at the same time. I don't think you're mum is handling the situation properly at all. Kids are manipulative and she is not doing the right thing by your daughter by interfering between you and her. It undermines your authority and gives your daughter the impression that she is "right" as granny agrees with her. I think you need o see what support and help is out there for you. Have you spoken to your doctor about her and had her assessed recently by a child physcologist? There can be long waiting lists but they should be doing something for both your sakes. Easier said than done I know but try to stay calm :hug99:


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Get the help you need from any avenue you can social services will help you .They can send you for classes for you to be able to cope with things better aswell as getting her and you some counciling .They are not about separating families they are about keeping them together.Go to your docs and seek out the health visitor both will have contacts with family help groups .If they dont hear you this time keep going back till they do .good luck hun .


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Oh Amethyst.....Poor you!
Dont have any answers or help i just wanted to give you a big fat :hug99:x


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What a terrible situation for you and your daughter. Go to your GP or your health visitor and tell them exactly what has been going on. They will be able to assist you get the help you need.

Take care

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Thanks guys.. spoke to her teacher, there been loads of complaints about her :(

he is getting another teacher to contact me, will go from there!!


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Hi Amethyst,

I have a son who is currently undergoing assessment for adhd, so I do know how you feel.

We've been quite lucky in that we have support from his school, but you really need to get the health services involved. I would say you need to get to your GP and have them refer you for assessment with the local child psychiatry team. Just be truthful and tell your GP how you really can't cope for much longer and how it is now starting to affect her school work.

If you have a health visitor they can also be REALLY helpful.

You have my sympathies. xxx


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Not quite the same but when my son first started school two years ago I had a lot of problems with his behaviour at school but not at home. He was pinning children up against the wall by the throat as well as lots of other things (bitting,kicking and scratching to name a few).

Well the long and short of it is I think he was just jealous of the fact that we had, had a new baby. He is also about a year behind in his talking so it was a bit of a communication problem which is now getting better.

He has calmed down now but we do need to remind him daily to be good. The teacher at school has a reward system going with him now and he loves it when he gets his stars for being good.

I was worried he would be singled out at school but you would be surprised, there are lots of children who are like this - you just don't hear about it!

I think you are doing the right thing seeing a new doctor etc.

I also cut out sweets during the week etc but as I said he is much better now.

Good luck


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I think the guys have given some great comments...in particular Catitio! Your mum really isn't helping the situation. She is undermining your authority and your daughter will see this and use the situation to her advantage. I think you do need to take her to your GP hun.

Lots of hugs to you.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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