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shift work and ss


has anyone had any experiences of doing night shifts and doing sole source?

Any idea of the best routine? ie do i still have breakfast when i come in and lunch when i wake and soup before I go and nothing while I work through the night?

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

thanks nikki x

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I'd take a tetra with me or a bar, you'll be starving especially while working.
HUgs x x x


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What I tend to do is split it in to 24 hour blocks..

Say you're on a night shift on the monday - I'd have breakfast as normal, pack for lunch, SS+ meal for supper and then a pack just before I go in to handover (I have tetras).

I'd then have a pack at about 2am (1st of Tuesday's packs). Another one for breakfast then go to bed. Get up about 4, have a pack if I'm hungry and then supper at 6 or just supper at 6 and then a pack in the evening if I've got one left.

If I try and do it in anything other than 24 blocks it gets far too confusing for me - as long as I only have 3 packs and the meal in one "day" then I know I'm ok!


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If I'm on the first night shift I have a late, late breakfast shake at about 11.30, head to bed around 2-6. Have half a shake before I go to work and take one with me to have after midnight. I then have the other half of the tea-time shake before heading to bed. Then one for breakfast at 6pm, one in the middle of my shift and one for breakfast before bed the next morning. If I'm starving I have another shake and figure that's better than breaking my ss. Hope this makes some sense!


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i never really sussed out what to do to be honest....i only do 2 a week,ie 2 early 2 late 2 night so really hard....i generally do as above late breakfast lunch meal then a bar about 2200hrs , then one in night...its hard as sometimes you cant squeeze them all in .....bloody shift work !!!!!!


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I started SS on Friday and have been on nights. The day I started nights I had my first for breakfast and plenty of water then went for a snooze in the afternoon. I then took my soup which I had in handover (at 7pm) then I had my last pack before midnight. By the time I got home Im to sleepy to have breakfast so go straight to bed and dont want to be up all morning weeing!! Then when I got up in the afternoon I have my 1st pack and then do the same as previous night 1 at handover then 1 before midnight. I hope that all makes sense. I didnt find myself getting hungry at all doing it that way.

Good Luck x
I guess you're only on three a day.. ?

For me i suppose it may be a little easier as i have four, and spacing them out over 24hours isnt that hard really. looking at the day as 24 hours is helpful though. And i think breaking up one of the shakes into two would be a good idea- i always mix mine with over a pint of water anyway- its not that bad really.
Well done for loosing so much already!! what were you doing before starting cd?

Good luck hun!! xxxxxx

If you really struggle perhaps you could ask your cdc if you could do four packs a day just for the nights that you work? Being hungry at night time is horrible, especially when you're falling asleep!!

(shouldn't be using the comp really- im at work now! ;) naughty!!! )
!st day - half shake 7-8am, half at 12midday. Few hrs kip. Shake before going to work, 7pm. Tetra around 3am.
2nd day - if on again have full shake, go to bed, repeat rest. If not on again, may have half shake in morning when get in then the other half when get up.
Good luck finding whats right for you. xx

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