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Shiny is back.


Determined! I Can do this
Hi all,

Thought I would introduce myself. My name is Alan, 32yrs old from Coventry. I started my weight loss journey back in July (1st) 2009.

I did this on my own diet, and while taking reductil. Between July 09 and January 10 I successfully managed to lose 94lb. This was 4 months dieting, then I introduced a heavy gym routine for 3 months on top of the diet.

It all went (for want of a better word) 'tits up' around February. Reductil was recalled and no longer available. This was a big deal for me, the first time I was ever successful at a diet and the thing that helped me in some way had gone.

I then injured my back at work which meant I was unable to go to the gym ... this hit me like a ton of bricks, I had became addicted to the gym - it was a great escape for me to go work out daily.

Anyway, I went to the doctors on Thursday as my back had made a great recovery and the pain had eased tremendously. He said I can start back at the gym, light workouts for the first week to see how my back reacted.

I have also been taking Xenical for the past 4 - 6 weeks too.

The good thing about this is - during all of my downtime, I have only gained 3lb - taking my total lost since July 2009 to 91lb ..

So figured I would hop on here and introduce myself as I wasnt a part of this individual forum and give a little history about my journey to date ... and say I am back on it big time now I have been given the all clear hehe, and here is to picking up where I left off!!

Alan Aka Shiny :D
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Hi Alan and welcome back.

Glad to hear you are much better now and can get back to the gym and back to your regime. Good luck for the rest of your weight loss journey x


Determined! I Can do this
And to add, if anyone has an iphone, go to app store, fitness and exercise, and free apps, and download myfitnesspal app, its great, calorie counter and can add in your workouts etc, am pretty impressed with what I have seen. As I start back at the gym in 2hours time (I am so excited lol) I can add in my own workouts and it will adjust my calorie intake accordingly etc :)
Hi shiny!

You have done amazingly well with your weight loss. Well done. Sounds like Xenical is working for you too. Can I ask, when your at the gym do you do lot of weights or is it Cardio? How long of each would you do?


Determined! I Can do this
I do 1 day of each, so for example today would be cardio, tomorrow would be weights - on and on and on, and then after 1 month, I would take a week off. There are so many ways you can do it. like day on, day off etc, but this works for me.

My cardio tends to be 20mins running machine - fastest pace walk I can do. on an incline. Then 15mins cross trainer, 3min high resistance, 1m low resistance rinse and repeat. Then 10mins arm bike high resistance, then 10mins upright bike medium resistance, stretches before and after.

Weights days I do 3 sets of 15reps on a full body workout, takes about an hour 30 to 2hours.

However was not able to start at the gym today lol, didn't check Cov City football fixture list, as I use the Stadium gym they close at 2pm on a match day Saturday so will just go do a 2mile walk with he dogs for today and hit the gym tomorrow.

I wont be hitting the gym hard due to my back, and will most likely do a softer version of my usual workout at least for a week, to break me back into it, and make sure I do not injure my back, making sure it can take the regime again.

I also (on weights days) use a protein isolate shake powder to help with muscle build / repair as my diet does not consist of enough protein alone. So it is the protein but without the gain element of the whey protein
i think i like your one to one day thingy alan... im guna try it .. but i hate weights but im guna try lol..

and welcome back alan!!!! x


Determined! I Can do this
Thank you hunnieeeee xxxxxxxxxxx by the way, is it normal for Xenical to take like 1 month to work? hehe thats how long it has taken for me to have gotten Tango'd lol
Massive well done on your weight loss so far good luck with xenical its the only thing thats worked for me , you seem to be doing well at the gym thats something i'm looking into at the moment.
heyahhhhhh again mr alans xxxx

as said above you only get probs if u eat over the fat ect , but xenical can take a few weeks to kick in espec if you been on a diff diet previous so dont worry xxx
Welcome & well done on your weight loss so far :D

I also use myfitnesspal.com ;)

Good luck for this month x
hows you doin??? x


Determined! I Can do this
Doin gooood :) not weighed myself yet that will not be until Saturday/Sunday - I am however going swimming tonight for the first time in 17 years!! kinda a big deal for me and well nervous lol x
I just wanted to say well done on your fantastic weight loss so far, and welcome to the Xenical board :)

Good luck with the swimming tonight by the way, I'm sure it'll feel great to be back in the pool once you're there. I feel very self-conscious at the swimming baths, but only when I'm out of the water. Once I'm actually swimming I don't really think about anyone else. Let us know how it goes...
Hiya...Ive just ventured back into the xenical forum after months of absence...(my diary is in members only so i kinda forget to come in here!)
Anyway...just wanted to say your thread struck a chord with me...I too have a dodgy back and had to give up the gym couple of months ago...
My weight although not gone up, has been about the same since just before xmas, so Im hoping that hanging around the xen forum a bit more, start taking my tabs again....and will hopefully find my mojo.
Well done with getting back on with things....it seems its all clicked back into place for you. Good luck x


Determined! I Can do this
Thankyou very much x and good luck you you all too x - Swimming was bloody ace lol, loved it that much I am going to make it a daily event, 1 hour a day - and on gym days go after a 1 hour workout. I am giving up the weights for a month or two as I tried and my back was hurting again afterwards, I will use the swimming and my cardio as a way of building the core muscles and giving my back enough strength to cope with the weights again.

I also joined Slimming World last night too ... signed up for 6 weeks initially, will see how it goes. My own calorie controlled diet has worked wonders for me BUT I thought I would give it a go as have a couple of friends go and it seems to be a nice little social even for a couple of hours a week :)
Yayyyyyy!! Slimming World rocks!!
All the best with it x

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