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Shinypurple starting re-feed in 2 mins!


No longer "Overweight" !
Still have at least a stone to go, but I'm off on my holiday a week on Thursday and it's my birthday on the Sunday... I really want to be able to have a nice meal out (I'm hoping for Japanese) so I'm starting a re-feed now.

So far today I've had one vanilla shake and (I think) 3 cups of black coffee. Going to keep having it black, as I intend to start tfr again after my hols...

About to have:
Approx 150g Cod fillet on a bed of chopped cabbage and leek, seasoned with pepper, powdered ginger and garlic and a tiny bit of rock salt. All wrapped in foil (I never knew before now that you can get non-stick foil!) and baked for 20mins.

I can't quite decide whether it looks like a little or a lot... :)
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No longer "Overweight" !
My jaw aches! That's hilarious... :D

Well, it was just about right, I think - I didn't leave any, but I'm nicely full. The smell of the cabbage made me think of tomato ketchup (I usually add it to disguise the taste) so I decided to have a baby plum tomato on the side, which was nice. Normally I always put salt on tomatoes, but I can't say I missed it this time...

Also had about a pint of fizzy water. Wonder if I'll really want another shake tonight?


No longer "Overweight" !
Thank you, Deezer. I seem to have lost another pound this morning, so that's comforting... About to have my official weigh-in, and hopefully they'll confirm my belief that I'm down 2 stones overall.

Also off on my yearly pilgrimage to my miraculous Physio, to get my seized-up spine all zapped and cracked and moving again - all in all feeling quite positive! :D


No longer "Overweight" !
Official weigh-in a day late - 5lb loss, so over 2 stone in total! Yay.

Yesterday had just one meal again. Approx 100g grilled chicken mini-fillets with a sprinkle of black pepper. "Fried" (no oil, but a splash of some old rosé wine) orange pepper, spring onion, mushroom and tomato.

Today, lunch of mixed salad of lettuce, tomato, pepper and carrot with a little balsamic vinegar. Topped with 80g can of tuna flakes (in water, but drained) mixed with finely chopped spring onion and a few capers.

About to go and do the chicken and stir-fry again for tea...

Also had a pot of fruit tea - not really seen anything about whether they're allowed yet, but it was 3 cups out of one tea bag, so I don't think it could have done much damage! :)


No longer "Overweight" !
Been visiting a friend for a couple of days, so it was a little tricky to plan ahead, but I think I did ok.

Thursday: Coffee, Vanilla shake, more coffee for breakfast (my usual routine). On the road, I had a small tin of drained tuna, some lettuce, a (decent-sized) mushroom, a couple of baby tomatoes and a bit of orange pepper. Plenty of fizzy water during the trip. Evening (at my friend's house) some grilled chicken breast with dry-fried cabbage and leek with powdered garlic and corriander. I under-estimated how long it would take to cook the chicken, so the cabbage and leek ended up a bit overdone. It was miles nicer! Much like chinese "crispy seaweed"... Naughtily, I also had a couple of glasses of white wine diluted with fizzy water. I was expecting to feel a bit sick afterwards, but actually I was ok.

Friday: Coffee, shake, coffee. Picnic-type lunch was cold chicken (from the night before), a mushroom and the last of the orange pepper. A handful of blueberries for afters. We ate out that night and it was GORGEOUS! I had a starter with a side of tomato salad. Very thin flame-grilled beef (had to cut some fat off it) with an oriental-type steamed bun (it wasn't that big, but I only ate half, anyway) and a shredded vegetable and chili salad. It came with a wasabi-mayo which I had just a few little dips of... Side salad annoyingly came in quite an oily dressing, but I shared it with my friend. It was the tastiest meal I could have dreamt of and I was plenty full enough! We moved on to a pub and I had a glass of belgian beer which seemed so heavy and filling I made it last well over an hour!

Saturday, back on the road: Wanted to set out as early as poss, so just had a quick coffee and didn't have a shake. Stopped after about an hour and had a tub of fat-free greek youghurt with blueberries. And more coffee. You guessed that, right? Lunch was a tortilla wrap with lettuce, capers and pastrami (it seemed from the label that it was pretty low-fat compared with some other "cooked meats") and two baby tomatoes on the side. Evening meal back at my bf's was tortilla wrap with crispy cabbage and leek and grilled chicken strips. He also wanted a smearing of pesto on his, but I refrained... :innocent0002: He said it was the tastiest meal he'd had in a while! Yay...

The only thing is - I've not been able to weigh myself, and won't be able to until tuesday, so I'm a bit concerned about that... Fingers crossed, though (and any suggestions or comments will be very welcome!).

Marianne x

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