shocked at the photos of me


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Welk i took my 'before' photos last night and i have been in denial for years, i couldnt believe it when i saw them.
I never had a photo took of me unless it was just my head showing and someone was stood in front of me, i was so upset i could have reached for the chocolate.:cry:

so today i have my photos, my measurements and i just know that for my sake i have to get it off.
i am just really angry at myself that i have let it get so far, and to be honest i could sit and cry but i have to go to work ( and make jam and cream scones for the kids today at shcool, lovely)

sorry for the winge just hit home how bad it really is and what a journey i have to do,and when i told hubby he said ' i knew it wouldn't last'

bleeding men!!
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Your not the only one huni. I have been in denial for so long its unreal. I uploaded some photos of me from our camping holiday in the summer and I can't beleive that I got that big.

But, it's done now and nothing can change that, but what I can change is making sure that I never look like that again. You have made the right moves in deciding that something needs to change.

Take a look at your weight and feel happy knowing that your never going to see that weight again.

I wish you all the success on SW, and you will soon be looking at your after pictures with pride x


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We've all been there that's for sure! I struggle to find a "before" photo of me and like you, they always have my daughter stood in front of me or I'm sat down. I do keep one in the kitchen now though as motivation! It may be a long journey but at least it won't be a hungry and deprived one.
The fact is that you are doing something for yourself now and that's what matters. Don't be down about now, look forward to the future and Good Luck!!! xx

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Huni, as the others have said...this isnt easy, but we made the choise to put those things into our bodies and now we are making the stand to do something about have support 100% for all of us here. We all have good days and we all have bad ones too. My Hubby was the same, full of encouragement for the first 20 or so diets that I started with gutso, but then would sigh and say...what are you about to try next then.
Prove your Hubby wrong. You can do this and if you are on here for most of the day, at least we will do our best to stop you reaching for that chocolate!
Take care, DAY 1 starts today!



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oh hun i know exactly what you mean!
i think all of us on here if we are honest have been in denial for a long time where our weights have been concerned. i got round the pics thing by always being the one with the camera!
i still don't like having my pic took, probably never will lol
i don't actually class slimming world as a diet, how can it be a diet when you eat so much lol
i see it as my new way of life! if i want to be healthier and happier then its up to me to follow it lol
i never seem to finish things that i start, got so tired of failure and decided to adopt a positive mental attitude to a few things in my life and it seems to be working
i passed driving test two weeks ago (success number 1)
i intend to get to goal this year still got another 4 .5st to go
show em all wrong babe you CAN do this
we are all here to help you

oops was waffling a bit there lol sorry!


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Well done on being brave enough to take a before photo, many of us can't even do that. I was shocked to see myself from behind in a mirror and couldn't believe I was that big. We all have a wake up moment and now you have had yours you can go on to lose your weight and get your confidence back :)
Everyone here is so helpful that you can always rely on coming on here and feeling motivated by a post someone has written.
Good luck in your journey, you can do this


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I saw pics taken of me LAST YEAR and was shocked at what I saw... but still managed to put it out of my mind and not do anything about it until just a few months ago. The amazing power of denial.

Good for you for (a) being brave enough to take a before picture and (b) talking openly about what you saw and how you feel. You've done the hard part... Don't look back. The future is what matters now. :)


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Congratulations on taking the photo. It's the first step on the road to success. I think everyone has felt like you at some point but not everyone does something about it. Feel proud of yourself for making the decision to do something.

And what do husbands know?

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we are all on here for the same reason.........i was the same with my before piccy........and i was a lot bigger than u are now.....i done mind bein on piccies now..........and when i get to goal i'm sure i will hog all the photo's good luck and as for u other half take no hubby was the same, now he is the first to mention how well i'm doin.........


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all i can say is well done, your braver than me... i chickened out of my before pic, instead im just gonna do way down shots at everystone i loose so i can look back and feel proud wen its all off!!
good luck and prove everyone, even yourself you can do it! nic x


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well i didnt reach for the choccie or the scones i made at work, whats the point i thought, i would only be cheating myself.

the photos are now printed off and inside my wardrobe ( i daren't put them on the fridge just yet!), and i have decided that everytime i loose enough weight to get in to another dress size, i am chucking out all my clothes that i have 'outgrown', that way i know theres no going back ( last time i kept them all, so when my weight crept back up i just put on the next size clothes).

But i have to say thats the great thing about this site, where all in the same boat so everyone can understand where were all coming from.
feel a lot better now though reading everyones comments so thanks, im off now to see what i can have for my dinner

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Well done for not reaching for the choccy. I took a photo of myself for someone to photoshop and i burst into tears. I avoid camara and full length mirrors and i really don't feel as big as i look. Its so bad i banned camara's at our engagement party and there are only 2 pictures of me and steve from our 4 years together and they are from his brothers weddings where i was forced to be in a picture so look miserable (well more so then i usually do) i can't bring myself to print it out.


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I was given a photo last week which was taken at a bowling evening I went to in December. That was AFTER losing 2 stone. The other 7 take up 1/2 the picture and I take up the other 1/2!!

That has got pride of place on the fridge!!! I can't wait to get rid of it - but that won't be until I've lost another 3-4 stone


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I can completely understand- i had to pose for pics in a certain way otherwise id demand they be deleted or disposed of!!
It was at my works do this xmas i had a pic done with a friend and even the pose didnt work- NO is said enough is enough and im 7.5lb lighter- still got a heck of a way to go but we'll get there!
Congrats on taking your first move though!!