Shopping fun :)


Gone fishing
I popped into M&S and was admiring a tshirt along with this other lady who was rather overweight.

She commented that they didn't have it in her size and how lucky I was not to have a weight problem:)

I don't usually talk about my weightloss with anyone let alone strangers, but I couldn't resist. She became quite animated and said "how exciting...I must tell my husband...he's around somewhere" :confused:

Okay...I am sooooo sure that her DH can't wait to hear this news (not!), but we parted without husband returning to hear the wonderful news about this lady that she met in the shop who had lost 8 stone :D

After m&s I went into ASDA. I had to buy enough food for my son to eat for the 2 weeks we are away. Though he can cook, we decided it would be much easier to get plenty of ready meals, sachets of veg, crisps and snacks. I've never bought them stuff like that, but I'm filling my trolley up and feeling so embarrassed. I swear people were looking at me, wondering what on I was doing feeding my family on I have my head down and hoping not to meet anyone I know...especially my school kids!!eeekkk

Then I see this lady again, along with her husband

Lady: (in a very loud voice) There she is! There's that lady who's lost 8 stone
She bounded up with her hubby and commented on how well I had done, but I noticed her husband was looking in my trolley. :eek:
Her Husband: Looks like a fantastic way to lose weight. Was it the ready meal and crisp diet then?

How rude! How embarrassing. :eek: Had a good smile about it in the car though :D
Hi Sweetie,

Only just seen this what a rude man I would have wanted to poke him in the eye.
Sounds like you have the woman quite interested though so that could be good.
You should have slipped her the mini mins website address lol.
Yeah you should have slipped her the address!!:D .. and her husband, its either he was being very rude or he is very ignorant!.. or maybe he was just joking:confused: