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    Hi all I'm really excited about joining tomorrow!! :) I have a LOT to lose to need to be prepared as I've done Lipotrim in the past and sadly it just doesnt work for me, so I need to stick to WW and stay motivated!

    I'll be doing my WW shop tomorrow and I don't really cook :/ at all and with a new baby it's hard so think quick and easy, weekly shop, what shall I buy??

    Thanks sooo much in advance, all replies welcome and appreciated

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    Daisy, you can't go wrong with salad items & fruit. I tend to buy frozen veg as then its always available in the freezer.
    Butternut squash is a good buy - used in soups, curry, cubed as 'oven chips' & zero PP.
    I use a lot of chicken, eggs, tuna, fish & pork & always have lemons & limes in.
    I've slowly built up my spice cupboard & grow nearly all my own herbs cos I like to cook virtually everything from scratch.
    Personally I have to avoid bread & bread type products cos they don't help my weight loss but pitta breads & the warburton wraps are good & versitile.

    Hope this has given you some ideas. xxx :)
  4. Cheekypasterfield

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    Hi Daisy,

    I have a new baby too (5 weeks old) and like you, need quick simple foods.

    My shop always has fruit (especially strawberries and bananas as I make a smoothie for brekkie) I buy the birdseye steamed veg packs, it does cost a 1pp but soeasy to put into the mircowave for 2mins and voila. Potatoes are also a must

    I also make sure Ive got chicken, mince beef and low fat sausages in the frezzer to make quick meals.

    Finally I also make sure I have sugar free squash.

    Good luck x
  5. Lil Miss Sunshine

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    Welcome, its a great plan. Like myself i did lipotrim, cambridge and lasted a day or 2 on it cause i thought it was torture.
    Anyways, buy in Weight Watchers products, loads fruit and veg you like and you cant lose really, well you can 'WEIGHT' ;) . I lost 2 1/2 pound this week and it doesnt feel like a diet at all. Best of Luck x
  6. Thetrigos

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    As the others have said, lots of fruit, low cal bread for quick sandwiches, WW do good ready meals that are usually on offer in the freezer section, and get some fry light in your cupboard for quick guilt free frying of things!
  7. HappyNoodles

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    It's nearing the time of my class :) really excited about joining and I have my shopping list here. I have been a serial dieter in the past so I really hope i can stick to this, I uually opt for more extreme things and give up so this is well do-able, I'll be on here a lot as I'm on maternity leave so hopefully will see you lot about :)
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