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Shopping today ....depressed !!

Got a chance to get out and wander around the shops today as daughter gone to respite and packed son and two buddies off to the pictures. I was kinda looking for a dress as we have two weddings coming up .just a summer dress .

O My God dresses are not made now for short ,size16 women . I looked like a little barrell (lot of tummy rings) . I may have lost 2.5 stone but the bulges and bumps and flabby arms !!!!!!!Aaaaaah
The only thing I bought was a nice red top to go over my 3/4 pants . I have a lot of work to do !!!!

Maybe I am being too critical as I live in jeans and pants all year round . Its been ages since i wore a dress but I didnt think it would be as bad as it was. I saw lots of women in the shopping centre bigger than me in dresses but I am just not good at revealing "flesh" . If I dont feel comfortable in something I dont wear it . I was never a slave to fashion!!!!Just as well:cry::cry:
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Mich!!! I bet you looked fab!!!!

Have you tried places like sainsburys? asda? The catalogues?
They have some great dresses for short women in the petite sections.

How about opting for a strapless summery dress and then getting a nice little cardi or bolero to cover your arms? xxx
I live in the south of Ireland so we have no Asda or Sainsburys:cry:just Tesco . We have a lot of the monsoon,next,H&m,river island type places and Pennys and Dunnes stores. I never looked in petite ranges as I never considered myself petite if you know what i mean !!!!!!!!!!.

I think what upset me is I had no figure in the dresses i tried . Maybe I was just trying the wrong styles for my shape!!!!. I hate shoping for clothes . I havnt a clue when it comes to dressy clothes. Will have to get someone to come with me I think.:sigh:


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I think we are our own worst critics. I bet you didn't look nearly as bad as you thought! However you need to feel comfy too. Have you tried the likes of Marisota? www.marisota.com they have some lovely things imo. xx


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dont feel too down, I dont think much of the fashion these days. When I was looking for dresses they were either too short, too strappy. Try and look elsewhere if you really feel you need a dress, otherwise why not go for a nice a-line skirt and top, good luck honey.


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Just thinking - does it have to be a dress? I wore trousers for both my son's weddings - here's a piccie of the last one. I'm not saying I look the bees knees but a nice suit can be really smart and can also cover a multitude of sins. Just a thought xx



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Yeah there are some nice trouser suits out - or how about a skirt and top? x


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I agree, it doesnt have to be a dress does it? Like Jan says, a nice top and trousers can look more flatting, dress it up with some fancy sandals and bag.
Aaaaah . thanks girls you are all brilliant. You have cheered me up . I looked at that site Jan and there are beautiful dresses there but its the model thats the problem . I just think I am not happy with myself yet . Maybe its the kick in the pants I need to move on with this weight loss now. Until two years ago i always weighed between 10-10.5 stone. I dont think i will be happy until i get there again.:sigh:

I think I will have to go to Plan B for these weddings (You looked smashing in your trouser suit Jan) and leave the dresses until next summer . . The dresses I tried today mostly strappy ones when I eventually got zipped up imto the bodice part the straps were falling off my shoulders that would drive me nuts all day. (and as for the swimmers shoulders and flabby arms !!!!!!!!!)

Anyway going to turn this in to a positive motivation to get where i want to go . Thanks again Tanya,Jan,Joy and Mary . I feel like a drama queen but its great to know someone out there knows how you feel and cares enough to reply .


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That's what we're here for! :) xx

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