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hi sitting here on the wednesday morning and my summer evans catalogue just popped through the door and i just realised how much i absolutely hate evans clothes and i suddenly thought i can not wait to be able to shop in miss selfridges, and got me thinking who else is thinking about shopping else where than evans or outsized clothes xxx
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God I think some days its the only thing that keeps me going. I long to be able to go shopping and not have to look for something that hides my shape but will enhance my new shape (when I get there). I love looking at clothes online and pick out clothes i want to wear!!!!
Hi Ladies
Definitely - I've only ever worn a dress once and that was my wedding dress 6 years ago. My cousin is getting married in August and it's going to be a big posh do, so my hope is to be able to find a nice dress and be slim enough to fit into it. Do you think it's possible to get from a size 24 to 18 by then? That's my initial hope anyway. So I've been looking at dresses online for the past couple of evenings - apart from this, it's the only thing I'm obsessing about at the mo:)
hi ya, cant see why its not possible in 12 weeks i dropped two dress sizes( 28 to 24)loads more to go though but i know a ladie on here whos gone from a 26 to and 18 in the same time so anything is possible
Hiya ladies course it can be done. I have lost just over 7 stone in 14 weeks and have gone from a size 30 to a 20 so stay positive and determmined and you will get there. Good Luck


Oh yes it can be done! That's why I'm doing it. I am currently a 24/26 and can only shop in Evans or Inspire at New Look - so depressing! Why oh why is larger fashion so dire?!

But my mantra at the moment is "size 14 jeans - that's what this means" - I can't wait to be able to go into a shop and know there will be something to fit me. I can't wait for the moment when I can call my best friend and go - "fancy a shopping trip to the Trafford Centre" and know I will be able to go in to more than one shop AND I'll be happy about trying things on!

I have a friend's wedding on 25th September - I am adamant that I will be a lot smaller and in a gorgeous dress. I won't be seeing my friend until that date and I can't wait to see his reaction.

Hey I went from a tight 18/20 to a M&S 16(their tiny), New Look 14 in 7 weeks...so I think you could do it in 12 weeks :) Good luck xxx
I have come down from 24-26 to a 20-22 depending on the shop, I went shopping last weekend and was so disapointed there was nothing I liked I even went into evans and just scoffed at the clothes in there, so as a last resort walked through BHS and found a lovely top, in a size 20 petite and so many people noticed my loss when I wore it (what a feeling) I just feel a little lost as have been buying the same sort of fat clothes for so long I'm not sure what suits esp as am 40 now does anyone feel the same?
Hi I know the feeling about not knowing what shape suits.

I put up nearly 5 stone in 8 months so have had a drastic shape change. When i was a size 12/14 I always knew by the look of the item on the hanger if it would suit me. I knew exactly what shape to get to fit me best.

I would have always been described as a "pear shape". Now I am not sure if I a a melon or a butternut squash. I basically have no shape its just fat everywhere!!!

Anyway thats why I joined all of ye on this amazing journey. When I do get back to my ideal size or closest to it - I intend to treat myself with a trip to the city and book one of those personal shoppers who will ( I hope) bring me fantastic clothes that will fit and flatter. No more of the days when I take something into the fitting room ( prob a size or 2 too small - who was I kidding!!) and all goes well until I try to get it off again and hell it wont go over the 2 Ayers rocks that have replaced my boobs!!! And then the dreaded moment after placing my body in every sort of contortion possible and trying to be Harry Houdini to get out of the dress, that I have to call the sales assistant to help me squeeze it off. God the embarrassment. I am drownded in sweat from the pressure of getting it on and off and the complete heart sinking nightmare of having to pass the tut tuttering sales assistant as she tells her colleague!!!

Gone are those days ladies. We will walk tall and proud and swagger our way into the finest shops in town. I am def going back to that sales assistant some day. I will try on everything in the shop, get her to attend to me hand over foot and then buy nothing.

Or maybe I wont - that would just be mean!!!
Aww yummy mummy I know the feeling, I got stuck in a dress once and I was completely red allo ver after finally managing to get it off!

You have inspired me :) That little speech made me really excited to do this!

Good luck on your journey, you are doing well so far! xxx

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