Short-ish CD break


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Hi All,

Well it looks like I'm going to have to take a little break from the VLCD unfortunately. Something is up with my TOTM and womanly parts and I'm going to have to an operation next week to fix me up. Due to the issue my doctor basically vetoed eating less than 1500ish kcal since it makes me so weak.

I'm going to keep taking the shakes for my vitamins and such, but I just cant try and lose weight for hopefully only a week or maybe two.

I'll be back :)
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hope your op etc goes well.

lets face it your loosing weight for the good of your health, so when you health is poor it makes sense you take a break

good luck and fingers crossed


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Good Luck Aseyan, best wishes for your medical treatment and look forward to hearing your progress, take care x


hoping for a good loss
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All the best for the op, hope to see you back here real soon.

Hope you get better quickly.

Charlie xx


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Hope the operation goes well and that you're soon feeling better - the diet will always be here when you're ready and able to do it, most important thing is your health.