Short Trip - Worried - What do I do???


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I booked a short trip Poland for 3 whole days in December, well before starting CD diet and now I am worried about how to handle the diet while I'm away. My counsellors adviced me to carry's bars for breakfast and eat sensibly for lunch and dinner meaning protein, vegetables or salad. No alcohol.

Considering that I have not broken the diet since starting a month ago, I am scared that once I start eating I won't be able to stop. And I quite like like drinking mulled wine. Furthermore will I be able to get straight back on to SS when I return. I did consider cancelling the trip, but my friends still want me to come, and I guess I do too. But I am wondering will be worth it or make that sacrifice.

How have you all coped with this?

worry not!

I had a trip i could not pull out of, booked well before doing diet. Again it was a 3-4 day trip abroad. I took 9 tetra packs with me, 3 for each day. Bought water and carried it around all day.
When it came to meal times i had decided to keep away - do some alone sightseeing etc, but when it came down to it I was able to stay and have a small meal. I am on 790 by the way, thats the plan I have opted for. And so I was able to eat a small salad and mainly fish meals in the evening - couldnt get any grilled chicken in any restaurant!! I tried to get across 'no oil/salt/dressing' and i must say they were good and obliged!!
the worst bit for me was my friends always asking questions about it etc. It was okay not drinking too, i had good company.
p.s. I still lost 4lbs in that time. It must have been the walking.
I did drink coffee during the day (black) so I could have some warm drinks. Take some laxatives with you, just in case.
And on the hot drink issue - im sure you can ask for hot water, then put in your tetra pack. I often got cold water, mixed it with tetra so could have a long milkshake.
That is a very hard decision. Plus with Christmas coming up will you really want to try and get back on SS for a week or two only to have to take a break again.
Only you can decide how important keeping the diet going is at this point. To risk putting back on the weight you have already lost would be a huge step backwards. Do you feel you could eat sensibly (mostly, allowing the odd treat or single glass of wine (the heat must reduce the alcohol content methinks)) throughout December and face restarting CD in January? Bearing in mind that everyone says the first time is the easiest and some people never manage to SS again, although some go with 790 instead and seem quite happy.
Sorry to give conflicting advice, I must admit if I were in your shoes I'd go and enjoy it, sticking to only one glass of wine a day, not eating everything in sight and making low carb choices where possible, and trying to remember that just because it's on my plate doesn't mean I have to eat it.
Good luck whatever you finally decide, and have a great time.
Thanks guys, so far you have given me good ideas to think about. My other concern is drinking a minimum of four litres and finding a toilet. I will carry tetra briks though.
I went on holiday in the summer for a week and had the same worry as you. But I managed to stay on sole source (this involved sitting in resturants and not eating - which I was shocked it was surprisingly easy!)

If you do want to eat - then agree with your councellor - do an add a meal week. I kept thinking as well that if I came off of the diet I would have to go through that getting back into ketosis phase again - which I found really awful.

I drunk more fizzy water - this some how fills me up. And allowed my self diet coke as a treat everyday!

When I came back off of holiday I had lost 5 lbs - think that it is all of the exercise that you do on holiday!

Good luck - and I hope that you have a nice time. Keep yourself busy and try not to think of food - mind over matter
Please don't get too worried about this, with a bit of forward planning and a strong will you can work through it.

When I went on holiday I thought about all the things I would normally eat and how much I could not eat without feeling hard done by.

For instance, I had a shake and a pint of water for breakfast - not missing anything much there, toast croissants cereal all pretty boring really.
Take a bottle of water out with you and sip it gradually. Finding a loo in the Irish mountains was very difficult so I did drink alot less when I was out during the day but didn't go without completely.
At lunch time you could have a bar and another pint of water. Presumably you would be in a bar or cafe or something so loos shouldn't be a problem. Get the water down first so it has time to work thru before you leave.
Then in the evening enjoy a small meal with few or no carbs at all. Fill up on meat and veggies.
If you can have another shake in the evening all the better and just keep downing the water in the pub or bar (anywhere there is a look)

This is basically a 790 week and you should't come much out of ketosis as long as you don't have loads of carbs. I did this for a whole week and still lost 1lb. After all you may be on a diet but you want to enjoy your trip or what's the point of going. Don't feel guilty just plan ahead and stick to it.

As for the laxatives??????? not sure what you would want them for???? They should ONLY be used if you are constipated not as a quick fix if you over induldge, that would be very very dangerous. Anyway if you are filling up on veggie they shouldn't be necessary.

Mulled wine ohhhhhhhhh loverlyyyyyyyyy my favourite. If it were me I would leave it alone completely. It may cock up your ketosis and if you have one it will lead to another and any alcohol always lowers your defences and makes you more prone to go off the rails.

Say to yourself as soon as you are back home you will be straight back onto SS, and mean it.

This should limit any damage and only delay weight loss rather than cause dramatic weight gane.

Plan plan plan - then STICK to it.

You know you can do it!!!

Enjoy your time away

oh and I would also explain to your mates what you are doing so they don't try to tempt you into breaking your plans.
laxatives as constipation releif, nothing else. Its just in case, keep it with you! You never know, as one should keep plasters, immodium, a sewing kit, mosquito spary etc etc on holidays.

oh yes, toilet can be a problem. I know that it pretty much dictated where I went sometimes!! Had to be near bars/public loos.