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should i ache so much lol

Is that the one that has a few different workouts on it? Maybe try doing the weights one on one day, then the cardio the next then have a day off and repeat the cycle? Or do the full body workout every other day? It sounds as though your muscles are over worked. try taking some glutamine tablets-you can get them pretty cheap in Holland and Barratt
If your muscles are aching, then you should consume something that has high protein in it. Also allow your muscles to rest. They need time to heal and regrow. Don't worry though. It's a good thing and normal. It's known as DOMS. It's normal when you've begun to do something new or changed your exercise & it usually leads to greater stamina and strength. The first time I experienced it was a few weeks ago, and walking was hard for me, sleeping was hard for me, sitting down, getting up, going upstairs, everything really. After a day, it was still aching and I decided to brisk walk through it. It felt a bit better. But then the next day it was the same and it ached, and I still walked through it. And finally after about 3/4 days the pain went away. But now I feel much stronger.

Just don't overdo it, because then your muscles will get weak and never forget to consume some high-protein food.


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Enjoy the ache! It's a build up of lactic acid in the muscles. It means you've worked hard!
I'm getting the DVD tomororw, oh I can't wait to do it. I hate aching but in a way I like it as I know that I have worked hard or maybe I've seriously hurt myself and not known.

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