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Should I aim for 5/6lbs under goal??


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I read (somewhere!) that you should expect to put on a few lbs after you come off a VLCD as your sugar stores refill. Are others aiming for a few lbs under where they really want to be?

I'm wondering if I should keep going a bit longer to account for this?
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Some people do. When your glycogen stores come back you'll gain around 4-6lb. So it's your choice whether you want to go that much under and then come off or lose that regain once you've come off.


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I think it depends on whether you have a goal weight in numbers that you want to be or a clothes size maybe. If the numbers on the scales are more important than what you see in the mirror then lose those few extra pounds, just remember that the extra weight is your glycogen stores refilling and NOT fat! Good luck x


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Well I can tell I am NOT really 9st11lbs if you know what I mean. I am the size I am when I am over 10st so I think you are about half a stone ahead on this diet due to your stomach being empty and the glycogen stores being empty too. I think I will aim for 5lbs under goal and then do the reefed from there. I am so close now that a little longer wont make much difference!


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I'm heading for 7lb under before commencing my summer break to tone - to allow for the glycogen and also a little muscle gain from working out. It's not so important to me what the scales say, but it definitely is for the medical professionals I'll be seeing soon, and trying to educate a professor on the science of glycogen stores might be a step too far!


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I think you have the advantage of knowing what it feels and looks like to be at your goal weight (unlike me!). As you said, you don't feel like you are as light as the scales are saying so yes, if you want to use this diet to get 100% to goal, I think your plan of going under by 5 lbs is sensible. Do you have a particular clothes size you are aiming for?

Your losses are amazing considering how close to goal you are!


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Well I'd like to be an 8-10 rather than the 10-12 I am now.

I have a slight frame and fine bones so still look a little flabby. However a good toning regime will hopefully sort that out too!

I know what you mean about my losses - I am amazed every week! I stick to it 100% :)


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I plan to start slowly going up the plans when I'm 4-5lbs away from goal rather than going below it. I want to do the refeed plan but actually make it last longer, a good 6 weeks or so. My intention is that I can then hit the gym and tone up a bit whilst slowly filling my stores in a way that it won't be massively noticeable. I have a holiday in August and figure this is the best way for me to get some toning in before that