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Should I be angry?.......


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.... or should I just ignore something that occurred yesterday?

When I started LT I didn't tell anyone at work as I didn't know how it was going to go for me and as I am well known I just thought it would be easier to protect myself from snide comments etc. However a few weeks ago after losing nearly 3 stone I finally outed myself and if people asked, I told them what I was doing.

Yesterday a woman (who had already said that she was jealous of my weight loss) turned around and said she didn't like me anymore. When I asked why she said it was because I had got slim. Now, I don't know if the is the totm hormones that made me get angry (not in front of her! I am professional ya know!) but it felt like she was saying; I liked you when you were fat, because you were fatter than me and now you're not- so therefore I have decided that I no longer like you.

Don't get me wrong, compliments are one thing- but that just feels like a personal attack on my personality. I haven't changed- only my body. I feel more self-conscious now that I have lost weight than I did when I was 3 stone heavier! I find myself covering my torso with my massive bag when I walk around or crossing my arms in front of me.

Grrrr..... anyone else had this? xxx
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She's already admitted she's jealous of your weight loss - it's her problem, not yours. Don't start to doubt yourself because of someone else's insecurities - she is not worth it. :hug99:


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I've not lost that much yet and I don't work at the moment, but I can understand why you would feel hurt or angry. It was a very strange thing for her to say and I can only imagine that she is very unhappy herself and only feels better when she's doing a Garfield (hanging around people fatter than herself to make her feel slim).

Good on you for being professional about it and I think there is a huge connection between losing weight and feeling our feelings more and more.
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sounds like her hormone problem not yours! what a thing to say- she's an idiot :whip:
its hard enough without overt comments
bound to take a while, I'm hiding too- saying I dont know what you mean- look, same clothes yeah? as if they are all mad hahahaha
I'm astonished that someone would say that to you - it sounds really juvenile.

She sounds like she's no loss to you and well done for not tearing her rude head off at the time!
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I know exactly what you mean about being self-concious now, i am really uncomfortable with people coming up to me and saying i look well, i dont like the attention & have found myself wearing clothes that make me look bigger to avoid this. I think it's something that will take time to get used to, we've lost a lot of weight in a very short space of time & i think your mind has to play catch up. People like this nasty woman wont help but you just have to try to ignore her, what a horrible person to actually say something like that, i would just say back to her that you like her too when you were bigger but you dont now! Because it sounds like the only person who has changed since you lost weight is her!
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If she meant that and wasnt joking, then it is such a childish thing to say. Pathetic in fact. Treat it with the contempt it deserves, and simply ignore/avoid her. Sad.
LOL don't be angry, just laugh. What a pathetic b!tch!! She's obviously very insecure in herself an quite clearly can't be happy for other people's triumphs. Don't even give her a second thought, sad cow!


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Grrrrrrr! TOTALLY her problem hon. Did she elaborate? Or does she just not like slim people lol! One of my faves that my friend got was 'you've changed now you're slim' Of course she'd changed - she wouldn't take people walking all over her any more!


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Dont worry you look fab and show off your new figure and as for her ignore here its deffo a case of the green eyed monster
Loving the monster Gene! :D

And actually years ago when I lost weight and was 55/57kg a friend of mine's wife who has been doing WW forever, never ever acknowledged my weightloss, I'd gone from a size 16 to a 10 and nothing not one comment, I think that was almost as weird, given she's always struggling with her weight too.


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Id be livid but totally smug too:D

Go out buy some awesome work clothes and strut you new figure with much gusto!
What a sad old ***** (can I say that word on here? I'm new!!)

But I used to get this all the time. I used to be a model (20 years ago) and noone wanted to be friends with me then, now that I have got fat and got wrinkles, I make friends easily - says it all really!


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What a horrbile thing to say! I'd just rub it in her face everyweek by anouncing how much you have lost and just look at her face!!!
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What a nasty women! Jealously can make people do horrible things hun, just ignore her.

And show off your new figure, you havent worked this hard for nothing!!
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Seriously! Just laugh -it'll wind her up! And dont you dare start retreating into yourself because thats what she -and others like her -want. She needs you to be self conscious so she can feel better, do not give her the satisfaction. You have worked hard, and you deserve your weight loss. More importantly, you deserve to enjoy it! Why did you want to lose weight in the first place? Just to let some ignorant and jealous witch make you feel bad all over again?! No...don't you dare or you'll have blackrose on your case! ;)

Do as others have said -strut your sexy stuff in work and flaunt it!!!!

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