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should i buy smaller clothes??!


6 stone to lose!
Hi guys just wondering if anyone else has done or thought about doing this, im on a website just now drooling over the clothes i may be fitting in soon and wondering should i buy one for incentive!! or is that a bad thing just incase i dont fit into it as quickly as i would like to xx hmmmm decisions to buy or not tobuy
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please try again
i have clothes ready for every other size going down and ive a couple items in the size i would like to be at goal as insperation
I wrote something similar tho this im my diary thing earlier, I thought it would be a great incentive!! I didnt buy anything tho cos the size I want to get too looked SOOOO small and at the moment I cant imagine EVER being able to get into it! So not purchase for me! lol.


Perseverance is key
I bought some size 14 jeans and I have some size 12 jeans also hung up in my room :)


6 stone to lose!
well that settles it think ill have to buy something on impulse!! lol

I buy from eBay since I started as so cheap

I'm near goal but have couple of '8's' awaiting a smaller person to get in them for motivation!

Do it!


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Go for it!!!

I bought identical black trousers from George @ Asda in sizes 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20. I try them on every Monday morning before work and get the biggest buzz off feeling myself go down the sizes

Gaelic Faery

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Buy, buy, buy!! I went shopping at the weekend and got some size 12 clothes as my old size 16 were looking silly on me :p I think the inspiration is amazing!


Size 14 here i come!
Ooo i never have done this, maybe i should give it go?
What if they don't look right though when you get in them? Also what if you forget you have them and by the time you try them on they are too big,lol

Not sure any of us would mind having something too big though hey?


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I bought myself a size 16 as a goal - a lovely skirt form River Island.
I started at a size 32 - I am now a size 22 so I am well on the way. I am hoping to be in my skirt by September.
meanwhile along the way - ebay rules! I am buying things in size 20 at the moment ready for the early summer.


cos i need this xxx
about 3 years ago i bought a pair of size 12 (and defo a small size 12) trousers and have them in the cupboard with the kids tempting goodies! its helping when i wanna dig in!!
hopefully now that ive discovered cd i will get into them one day lol!!


Gaelic Faery

Cambridge Counsellor
Stinky just make sure to buy for your shape, like I'm an apple so will always have big boobs and a small waist. Oh i did the forgetting about something I bought and then it was too big to wear!!! Not that I was complaining :D They were cheap skinny jeans and my mam wants them anyway haha


6 stone to lose!
well bought a lush dress from asos size 14 !! woohoo

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