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Should I do it?

S: 15st0lb C: 14st12lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 0st2lb(0.95%)
Hi there,

I'm just trying to work out which diet to do. How is Lipotrim? Taste? Price, etc.
I've not made my mind up which one to try and would like some advice. Is it easy to stick to?

P.S. Does anyone know how to get these amazing weight-loss trackers on?
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hi there x
lipotrim costs £36 a week for a female.
its a great way to lose the weight but it can be tough at the start.
you gotta be 100% committed and in the right head space to do it.
the taste is fine.its not nice but not vile either.they are made to be palatable but not so nice you want more,if you know what i mean.
i survived 15 weeks only having the chocolate shakes coz didn't really like the others.you should try them all though as peoples tastes vary so much.
if you click on someone elses ticker,it should take you to make your own.
hope that helps x
S: 15st0lb C: 14st12lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 0st2lb(0.95%)
Hi there,

Thanks for that. I actually managed to find your reply but struggling to see how the site fits together, etc. Much appreciated!

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lipotrim is excelent im in week 2 now,i lost 11lbs my 1st week.u do get quite constipated and can feel dizzy if u dont drink enough but apart from that its been ok. its by no means a easy diet tho u have to be 110%commited and want it enough to keep up with it.expect too wee tones.my cravings have stopped now but i have a habbit of smelling foods now be that good or bad lol but funnily enough i dont want to eat them, was amazed that on day 10 i opened a bar of chokkie 4 my son and smelled it and thought that smells lovely but didnt want it.best but hardest diet iv dun. make sure u dont go in2 this diet half heartedly cus there realy is no point doing a few days and stopping as its only fluid u loose the 1st few days so will put it bk on when u eat again.thers lots of support on here on lost of diets so what ever u choose good luck and keep us all posted on ur fabolous weight loss xx


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I'd second yummymummy's thoughts. I'm nearly three weeks into LT abd find in both easy in some respects and hard in others.
Its easy because you're not consntantly thinking about what you're going to eat; the weight loss is quick to start with; hunger pangs dissapear after the first few days and all your nutrition needs are met.
Its hard because the world aroung you continues to eat, so avoiding food can be hard, ketosis gives me a nasty taste in the mouth and bad breath; family celebrations are tricky (specailly if your trying to minimise the number of people who know what your doing). My trickest day is Sunday as, since my dad died last summer, I spend the day with my mum and always cook a roast dinner for all the family.

But, I've lost 16lb in two weeks, so overcoimg the hard bots has been worth it for me!
Hey u lot, Im wanting to start LT this Friday but realised I have a girlie catch up meal at the end of the month, sould I put it off until after or can I start LT and have a night off? Can someone let me know what I should do? Im eager to start but can let me buds down. :)
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Hi your buds won't mind if you go and just drink water, if they are really good buds they will be more than happy you turned up. doesn't matter if you drink or not, and the next day you will be on a buzz because you stuck to it


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Hi I was thinking about LT for ages and started reading these threads, and joining in, before I started.

I kept putting off my 'start date' for a variety of reasons, xmas/nye, going to London to see an old friend over from Africa that sort of thing. But I knew that there would always be 'something'. So when I felt it was right I set the date and that was that.

If you have a thing at the end of this month with the girls, why don't you pick a day or two after that to start and keep reading things on here and asking questions.

I chose to start on a Thursday because I'd read enough to know that I might have felt bad by day three. So at least then I'd be at home on the weekend - I've not felt bad at all thankfully. A few days over the last four weeks where i have craved food, but it passes.

Welcome to the site and good luck with when you do decide to start.

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