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Should i do this?

Hi im leanne,

I started the lipotrim diet 3 days ago so have physically eaten nothing apart from 3 shakes a day
I dont really like the taste of them and it really has made me realise how much i would appreciate a healthy meal!
I dont know if lipotrim is for me as i love the thought of coming home to at least a small meal lol.
However, i now realise that i CAN do shake or bar during the day.. So really my question to you guys is do you think the sf diet sounds like i would suit it better?
Its also a lot cheaper lol
Thanks x
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Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
I haven't done lipotrim, but have previously done Cambridge (years ago at my heaviest - I've never gone back to that weight). I lost 3 stone in under three months (only stopped because I moved 200 miles and came off the diet - I went back on for a short time.. but fell pregnant). lol

Anyway, the 3 meal replacements a day does certainly work.

What I would say to you now is.. dig in deep and get through the next week - THEN judge how you feel. Quite often our minds (it's a mind thing not a body thing if you ask me), try tricking us.. they 'miss' food.. the memory of how dinner tastes etc etc etc.. but honestly once you're in ketosis and your mind settles down, you'll feel great, the tastes will likely have settled too - as your taste buds will adjust.
I remember coming off cambridge and being disgusted at how sweet something was.. something I'd loved before.

So, have a go at sticking to it - you chose it after all - if there is a plan that you can have lipotrim and a meal when you've lost weight or after so many weeks then aim for that. ANY diet works.. as long as you stick to it.

I'm not dis-respecting Slimfast or anyone who switches - if you decide you can't afford it in a week or so then slimfast will work for you.. you just have to make it. :) that meal is gonna be small, diet food, etc etc..

Hope you don't mind my honesty, or rambling! lol

Good luck!


Gold Member
Even though the Slim Fast forum can be very slow and underactive and we would love your company, Purple Hugs is right. Lipotrim will work you really just have to stick with it. Just to echo what Purp has said, stick with it for the week, weigh in and see how you feel once ketosis has set in, at least that way you've not wasted money.

Best of luck to you, whatever you decide

Take care xx
Thanks guys so much for ur replies,
Im going to weigh in on saturday and will let you know what i decide.
Just not used to the intensity of not physically eating nothing for over a month and i really admire those who can do it!
Anyway day 5 tomorow, i will keep u posted and good luck aswel! X

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Well done getting to day 5 and the mental side can be an issue.. but it's not to say swapping won't help though.
See how you get on.. and be sure to let us know! lol

Hope you get good losses either way x


Gold Member
Get week 1 out of the way and let ketosis set in properly and have another think about it. I've used LT in the past and know the first few days that it seems like hell but once the ketosis fairy visits it does get so much easier and the hunger disappears. Honestly if i could afford it id get back on it.

Good luck whatever you decide.
Okay so im joining you guys!!! Haha
The lipotrim is good, but it is so expensive, so unsociable and so boring.
I feel so alone at work and at home and out with friends.... Really admire the ones still on it.
I am sticking to it till saturday and i have already weighed myself and lost 7 pounds, but im bound to when in starving myself lol.
The people in the lipotrim forum are lovley and very supportive, but i just dont think its for me, dont get me wrong i dont feel hungry, but i dont feel like i have a life and i feel depressed.
I have never done anything like this for a whole week so i really have realised how i can stick to somthing even at really hard times.
So ive decided to have a piece of fruit for breakfast, a sf meal bar for lunch, one sf snack during the day and a healthy meal wen i get home. Then if im hungry after i can have a snack for pudding.
This with exercise i should see the weight coming off as i know i can now 100 percent stick to it.
So in aboard the slim fast people!!