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Should i give in ?

I know a lot of people say to keep positive about the diet etc..
But the fact is, i'm just not enjoying it at all.

I DO miss eating food,
I'm finding all of the shakes are just too sweet, and i dont have a sweet tooth.
I've not been in the best of moods since starting the diet lastweek, and others have noticed.
I'm consistantly hungry, all day, even drinking 4-5L of water a day.
I'm always freezing, never a problem in the past.
And i just dont seem to have the same energy as before.

I cant really afford to up myself to 4 shakes a day, as that pushes the cost up to around £46 per week !!

I have lost 9lbs which is great, although not lost since i was weighed 2 days ago, i just think my £35 would be better spent on a gym membership per month, rather than every week on this.
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Hi Tom, why not try another plan where you eat food and cut out 1 of the foodpacks....either the 1000 or 1200 (knock off 2)...you will still lose weight but you will be able to eat as well.
To be honest, this is the first ever diet i've tried, last year i lost 2 stone in 4 months just by going to the gym, and not changing my eating habits at all.
Cambridge was just a good way to drop the weight before starting proper excercise again.
So i wouldn't consider any other type.
Would just need to go to the gym and make the time.


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It's still a Cambridge plan but you get to cut down on the number of packs you have and have food instead. You still lose weight quickly but you get to eat too.

Only you can make the decision, Tom.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
These are still cambridge plans Tom and together with the gym you will still have good results.
Talk to your counsellor, that's what we're here for.
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tom please dont give in.... your scales are probably different to cd scales.... please give it another week next time you weigh in... bet you will loose!!
When i weighed myself as soon as i got back from CDC the weight was the same on my scales as it was on the CDC, so i know roughly what to go by.
Just annoyed i've not even lost a pound in 2 days !


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
You will Tom...stick with it and try not to weigh everyday, as you have found out it sets the mood up for the day!
Leave it to your weigh in at the CDC.


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Hiya tom ive just restarted CD. But last year when I was on it id hop on the scales every couple days to see if id lost, and there was times where the scales didnt move for up to 4-5 days then all of a sudden id check again the next day and it was 4 pound down, I dont understand it but its true. Hang off for another 2-3 days and weigh yourself again and see :)
I'm not going to listen to any of you...what do you know ?
Off for a kebab now !

Thanks for the words of advice folks, i guess i just didn't appreciate how hard "not eating" would be.

I'm not going to quit just yet, as i still have a full weeks supply there, and certainly not going to waste my money, so i guess i'll sit tight until next weigh in and make my decision then.


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Hi TomTom

don't give in, the coldness you are feeling does work itself out - Go and buy some Bouillom from Tesco's. When I feel cold I put 1/2 a teaspoon in a mug of hot water and it soons warms my cockles. This diet is hardest in the first two weeks but when you get passed that milestone your body adjusts and the lbs carrying on dropping. I also go to the gym so this is an expensive diet but I can't / won't put a price on my health and peace of mind.
I hope you keep going but at the end of the day this has to be right for you - big hugs for today
I see what you mean about a price on health etc..but with a young baby in the house, i'm the only one working, so cost is a huge issue.
What is Bouillom ?

Eek...first 2 weeks hardest !!! I'm just starting week 2 ! lol


Loving the Cambridge Diet
I see what you mean about a price on health etc..but with a young baby in the house, i'm the only one working, so cost is a huge issue.
What is Bouillom ?

Eek...first 2 weeks hardest !!! I'm just starting week 2 ! lol

Marigold Vegetable Bouillon is a stock powder which you can have as a savoury drink - it is lovely!

I cook my Quorn in it too :)


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Hey tomtom, I'm in my third week and no longer feel hungry, was so tempted to tuck into hubby's dinner last night tho! Your energy will pick up, don't exercise too much in first couple of weeks either. What I've done today is bought some cooked chicken in a packet just for nibbling on when I get tempted as dinner time is the hardest for me when I smell family's food! The chicken is pure protein so won't affect your weight loss, it's just a little to satisfy you and get you thru the hard times. It DOES get easier so don't give up and in another week or so you'll look back and think "I'm so glad I didn't give it up", you'll be seeing the pounds fly off! Everyone else si right about the scales, I only get weighed at cdc visit as it can be depressing and confusing on your own scales everyday and it's important to keep your spirits up!

Put in lots of posts and you'll get support from everyone :D


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Everyone responds differently to varying regimes, but I think the question you really need to ask yourself is: sure, dieting is difficult, but will any other option be easier? Will you get the same results for the same effort? For me it takes just as much motivation to get my backside to the gym and do a proper sesh, regularly, as it does to keep going past the sweetie stands in the shop.
You really do have to find out what works best for you but I think CD-ers just think it would be a shame to give up something that we all know/believe works before you've really seen the benefits!
Lots of good tips already posted on how you can *struggle* through the tough bits; any major change is a big decision and a lot of hard work at first which is why it's important you're really sure before you set aside all the hard work you've put in to come this far.
Good luck with your deliberations! :D
Thanks Claire. :)
I think i'm going to buy some cooked chicken tonight, and skip a shake, just for the sake of eating something for one night, get it over and done with.
If i find it hard from now on, maybe SS isn't for me at the moment, and i should go to 720 etc..


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S: 14st2lb C: 13st6.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 30.4 Loss: 0st9.5lb(4.8%)
Hey tomtom, not a whole cooked chicken it's roast chicken kind of sliced up in a packet, don't miss a packet as you need all the nutrients :) Speak to your cdc thought and talk about the 790, alot of ppl do that if they're struggling, however you're just at the beginning and it does get easier! If you can stick in there for a bit longer you'll be fine. Try the chicken tho but don't go mad with it :)
Thanks Nessie.
ON another thread i was speaking about Chicken Tikka,
So am going to go to my local indian and get a small portion of Tandoori Chicken Tikka on it's own, no sauce/rice or anything else. :)
Hey Tom,

Just an observation. I assume that you are male by the fact that everyone is calling you Tom! If so, then you should be on 4 packs a day anyway on CD. That may account for part of you being hungry .... you will not be getting the necessary levels of nutrition.

I know you say you cannot afford it, but it could explain why you have the problem.

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