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Should I mention it to them?


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This week at WI I got Slimmer of the Week which I was chuffed about and I won the 'goodie bag'. We're meant to either bring in fruit or Free foods to put in it but when I got home I realised that it had a load of fruit in but none of the other food inside was actually Free. There was a Hifi bar (which is fine), but there was also a tin of Ratatouille whose ingredients looked free but was 2.5syns per tin when I checked it online and there was a Muller fruit corner which is a massive 8 syns!

I don't want to seem ungrateful but at the same i'm wondering whether people are getting a little confused over which foods are actually Free and it could be affecting their weight loss. Would it make me look like a real ungrateful beatch if I started making a fuss over food they've given me for free?
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I'd mention it to your C so she can raise it with the group and hopefullly without saying it had come from you.
Although we are responsible for checking our own syns some people may just assume things are free or low syns and it could affect their weight losses.
I suppose this is why some groups only have fruit but it is nice to have other things in there for variety and maybe to try things you wouldn't normally.....if they are syn free or low syn that is.
Well done on winning it anyway! :)


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congratulations on the slimmer of the week, and i would mention it to the consultant either before or after class. just say you are concerned that people might be getting some syn free stuff wrong, and this would not help their weight loss.

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Well done on being SOTW! Our C said that one of her other groups had an avocado put in their basket - she thinks someone was trying to get rid of it so she wouldn't have to eat it herself - synarific but yummy!! Maybe that's what peeps did for yours? xx


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In ours you can put low syn items but you have to write the syn value on it.


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maybe good idea to mension as other people might be eating these items as syn free! easy to hear 'muller' and think there all free.

ours is just a fruit a veg basket we bring our favourite of the week :)


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Our C usually makes a point of going through the SOTW basket and checking to see if there's anything bad in it, then she'll ask who put it in there and ask them how many syns they think it has. Quite surprising to hear them say "free" when it's not. I was amazed at the things people put in - packets of oriental sauces, microwaveable rice + straight to wok noodles, tins of fruit in syrup! I think you should definitely let your C know about it! While it may be a case of someone just getting rid of something, it could be worse and someone could be sabotaging their weight loss without even realising it + eating 8 syn yoghurts they think are free!


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We can put syn free or low syn foods in there but it's nearly always fruit. If I've forgotten my fruit I will buy a pack of hi fi bars and put one in.

However, we are NOT allowed to put yoghurts in or things which have to be in the fridge due to the amount of time they are out of the fridge.

I wouldn't mind a 2.5 syn tin of ratatouille but I'd mention the fruit corner as whoever put it in there may think it's free and they'd thank you for mentioning it, not think you are being mean.


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Well done you and yes as everyone has said defo mention it.
In my group we have 2 baskets - 1 for SOTW and the other is for unsuitable things you might want to get rid of to avoid temptation which we then hand over to a homeless shelter in our area. Maybe suggest something like that to your C
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Yes, just the same as the other answers, mention it to your Consultant. We had someone bring in a box of meringues this week, 3.5 syns each. My Consultant asked who had bought them in, and one of the new girls admitted to it, thinking they were free (I wish!:D) and then said that that could be the reason why she had only lost half a pound that week! I think so too! Ha ha!

I like the idea of the unsuitable basket, I might suggest that. Our 5ps from our £5 notes go in a box, to collect for a local charity. It all adds up.

And well done on getting SOW, keep up the good work!


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Well done on getting slimmer of the week, thats always a great feeling. I think i agree with the others, mention it to your consultant, but ask her to mention it to the class in a discreet way if you are worried about how people will take it. Our basket doesnt really have any rules, people just seem to bring really low syn items or fruit/veg and free foods. But i do think sometimes that people forget to get something for it and just grab something out of the cupboard last minute for the sake of putting something in and forget about the syn value! But the muller light is the item that would make me want to mention it, because 8 syns is alot to spend on a yogurt if the person is unaware and thinks its free! xx
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i was thinking the same thing when i got sotw few weeks back, there was a hartleys 'fat free' jelly with fruit in it that was 5.5 syns i think!!! im assuming someone was mixing it up with the 'low cal' version that is 1.5 but i just didnt have the heart to say to my consultant and sound ungrateful, but i have said to a few friends incase they were eating it accidently. maybe i should have said something though as your only thinking of other peoples weight losses :) xx


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This discussion takes me back to the week where i won SoW and got (amongst the good stuff) a box of chocolate and a bottle of wine.

I gave the chocolate away and the wine is still unopened I hasten to add. But is rather annoying when that happens. That said - I've also had stuff that was out of date (the group i was at the time allowed low syn/free items other then fruit) - and after seeing that a few times i did have a word with the consultant. It's all well and good getting rid of something you're not going to eat that fits in the rules, but to give away something that the sell-by date has passed for (even if it is in a tin) is just inexcusable.

YAY! Slimmer of the week best feeling ever :D
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Our C usually makes a point of going through the SOTW basket and checking to see if there's anything bad in it, then she'll ask who put it in there and ask them how many syns they think it has. Quite surprising to hear them say "free" when it's not.
Our consultant Fran does the same for the raffle. :D but for the slimmer of the week we only bring in fresh fruit. kinda hard to go wrong there LOL:D

so yes i'd definately speak to the consultant about it. after all we all want to lose the weight and the consultant can't see everything we do or read our minds, so when we are worried about something like this that's what they are there for. i'm sure your c will be happy you pointed it out to them.

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