Should I start or wait?

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Hi all,
I've just joined the site & would welcome some advice. Feeling vey motivated to start LL now but planned to put it off until I get back from my FREE (I won it!) skiing holiday from 11-18 Mch...While the food looks yummy (& is free) I know that it wont do me any good to eat it!
The other reason for delaying, and the reason I need advice, is that I am worried about the physical nature of skiing on 500 cals a day. I have a 2 hour lesson booked in the mornings and plan to ski (or try - I'm a novice!!) in the afternoon. While I think I could manage to say no to the food I am worried that I'd pass out with all that skiing on only 500 cals a day. Has anyone else managed a lot of excercise at the start or was it too much - I read somewhere that people have passed out etc & this is my main concern? Ima gine the embarassement of passing out in one of the coolest resorts in the world!!
This leaves me in two minds I start now or wait until I get back? Suggestions would be appreciated!
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I'm afraid I can't help you on that one except to say that it is a whole month away and you could possibly lose a stone in that time!!

Regarding the exercise (ski-ing) I can't help except to say that I do a seriously strenous spinning class for an hour 3 times a week without passing out/fainting!! But that's me!!

It's something you are gonna have to decide all by yourself!!

Good luck with the decision!! Have a GREAT Free Holiday!!

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umm...been to the intro thing & its unlikely that I can start until I return anyway as she's full so that kind of answers it! A shame as I was thinking too that I could loose a stone by then & was ready to sign up now so think what I'll do t get my medical thing done & then let her know so if I get a space it was meant to be & if not will start when I return!


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I have just been on a skiing Holiday - Had 1 Meal a day - either lunch or evening meal (as low cal as possible) and I was fine. I too was worried about SSing the whole way. I stayed the same weight - but at least I din't gain!!


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Hi Fishface (makes me smile so much as that's what my OH calls me!!)

What about doing a sensible low cal - maybe low GI diet until you start LL??? You can still have good weight losses and with all the exercise on your hols may find you have lost a stone or more before you start LL.

Have a lovely holiday!


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I usually go snowboarding every year - but this year I haven't whilst SSing. I am extremely active and do lots of exercise every day - but I have found that I've needed to cut back whilst on LL. I still cycle to work (12 miles) and swim most days as well as playing badminton 1-3 hours a week though... :D But I have found that I have to cycle slower, swim less intensely and strangely - the badminton is what I have the most problems with....

You might be fine - but I always found snowboarding to be the most demanding of the sports I've done (but this may be because I'm not great at it).


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When I first started 5 weeks ago I did feel drained for a couple of weeks, but then my energy came back, and i now go to the gym 4 or 5 times a week, do 2 or 3 aerobics classes and jump on a treadmill a couple of times a week, so if you were to start now i think you'd be surprised at how much enrgy you have when you go on your holiday. But as Beverley says, a low crb diet but just get you there ready for when you come back

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Thanks everyone! Been really struggling as want to start & hopefully be a stone less by the time I go while also dont want to spoil the holiday & be passing out! How embarassing would that be! While ontopic do people find the excerise helps speed up weight loss? Also what is SS ing! Know its something to do with LL etc but cant for the life of me translate it!
Thanks for all the replies! A great help! Deciding factor will be when the woman tels me even if I can start before I go as class currently full until the week that I go but suspect there will be some to drop out!


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SSing is sole sourcing - ie using foodpacks as your sole source of nutrition.

Personally I feel if you're really raring to go (I know that feeling - I think most of us do) I would just start and deal with the holiday thing when you get to it. BUT be resolved to stick to SS-ing when you get there. You may find you might not be able to rip it up from dawn to dusk - but perhaps you might enjoy the opportunity to ski slightly less and enjoy the sauna - or winter walks a bit more!!

I wouldn't think you'd be fainting or anything though as long as you listen to your body! I've had a couple of funny turns but they've been getting out of a hot bath or after having really overdone it (after playing badminton competitively for 2 hours for example - I could feel myself getting weak and carried on when I should have listened to my body and stopped).


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Hi Fishface

As someone who started off just recently, I think you do fine abstinence easier to stick to when its just a given i.e. this is what you are doing and that's that. So if you think you might be tempted to cheat on your holiday (and I couldn't blame you!), I'd agree with the posters who propose just eating sensibly, on low GI if you can manage it and kick starting yourself when you get back.

Symptom wise, I've had light headedness a few times in the office but nothing too drastic. Guess part of the reason that we can only join these things with three stone to lose is that we have all those fat stores to be used as energy instead of our food. You won't only burn 500 calories a day when you do exercise, that's just your "fridge food". Make your body go to its fat filled freezer to find all that other fuel it needs!

best of luck



You absolutely should not follow SS/abstinence on a skiing holiday. It's very different from an hour's exercise class in terms of energy output. I go every year, eat anything I feel like, and lose 2 or 3lb in the week. Fair enough, I might work harder because I'm more advanced, but you will still burn a lot of calories skiing and you will need the energy.

As for exercise speeding up your weight loss, it will, but don't do it for that reason. If you're exercising enough to significantly impact your weight loss you need to be eating more.

You will find you have a lot of energy while on a VLCD but you still have to be realistic in terms of what your body can and can't do. It's one thing to push through physical barriers when you are sufficiently fuelled up, but quite another to do it while you're running on empty! Do you do much in the way of exercise at the moment? Have you skied much before?

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Thanks all! Decision made - I'm waiting until I get back. Had a chat with my GP referral woman (effectively the best personal trainer on earth!), email from the LL woman & from friend whose done LL & you lot! All feel that I should wait as skiing is such a physical activity & I'd only be on week 3. While I would, in my heart, love to start now and get on I am also realistic that its gonna be tough so am going to use this time to prepare myself (clear house of food, get nice glasses, jugs etc & eat less carbs) and will start when I get back with 100% & no distractions.
Phew...relief that decision made!! Thanks all for various comments & differing perspectives!
Yes I have skiied before but was when I was 16 but am very aware how physical it is which is why I was concerned plus I only do a bit of excercise which is increasing with the help of my GP referral woman!! Been practicing my skiing stuff & shes devised me a special prog!! What a star!