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Should I switch to SF?


What doesn't kill me.....
Ok, need your advice gals! Here's the deal:

I'm currently on RightSize. Which is just like SF in principle. My problem is that..the smoothies, which I buy premade, not the powder, are 300 calories each. Each bottle is considered 2 servings, and they say drink 1-2 servings per meal. I do drink the whole thing because I can't possibly fathom only drink half and making it to a snack, let alone a meal!

I would like to know the following:

How many calories are in a can of SlimFast? (I can probably go look this up, but anyways...)

How long after you drink it do you start to feel hungry?

As it is, drinking this smoothie will not last me longer that 2 1/2 hrs, MAX. While I can cope with this between breakfast and lunch, it's extremely difficult between lunch and dinner... Aside from being painfully hungry, I get awfully moody and want to eat everything in my path. I am eating snacks, but they aren't helping as much as I would have hoped.

I do not like SF very much, but if I can tolerate rightsize, I might have a chance with it. I just would like some other's experiences with SF.

And it's cheaper :cool:

Hope this post makes sense, I'm half watching TV... lol
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I don't drink the shakes but the meal bars are 210 cals each and then have a 100 cal snack. I can last about 4 hours in between meal bars and 4 hours until my evening meals, somedays I can go a bit longer, hope this helps :)


in my dreams!!!!!!
i use the powder shakes not ready made as it works out cheaper even though its not so convenient and they are 217 each glass but i drink loads of water before and after which seems to keep me full for longer.

every time my tummy starts making those lovely noises i go fill up on water and a snack until i can eat properly. its tough but i don't know any way around it on this diet.

have you tried slimming world as with this you can eat as much as you like (the right foods of course!) and still lose weight.


Peggy McParrot
As on any diet you need to fill up on water, like 2 litres through out the day, as most food is full of water, and doing meal replacement your not getting enough fluid, hence you get hungry. I'm on cd and its meal replacement and thats whats recommended and it does help.


What doesn't kill me.....
Thank you for your advice so far.

I am drinking a ton of water. Infact, I drank almost 100 oz yesterday. And I threatened to catheter myself yesterday a piddled so much!

I've tried diets where you can eat all you like as long as its the right food.... yea...... not my thing. This one seems to be ok so far, I'm just trying to tweak the caloric intake basically. See.. if you buy right size in the powder form, the calories are less.... but the powder would be horribly inconvenient for me.... my boss suggested maybe to premake them and then bring it to work, but not sure how that would taste. I don't understand why the premade version has more calories... why would they do that?

I'm also concerned though that if I switch to SF, I'd be even hungrier... I dunno.

Sometimes I wonder if my body just has to get used to it. Three weeks ago, I was taking in 700 + calories just in the amount of soda I was drinking... not including the crap I was eating. I wonder if my body just needs to adjust to the amount of calories I'm not constantly feeding it?


Peggy McParrot
yes you might be right, your body will be craving the things like sugar and carbs etc, don't let your body win, your in control...... be the boss
Sorry to say SF never worked for me. I stuck to it religiously for three weeks and at the end of those three weeks I had gained 3lbs!

Good luck though for your weight loss journey.
For me sticking to a regime seems to be the key. Whether its slimfast weight watchers whatever if I know I have to stick to a set plan then if I ma commited it works. I must admit I do get hungry but I can get by.
I tried lighter life for maybe 1 morning and thats pushing it. I'm lukcy I didn't get sacked from work adn dumped I was sooo grumpy so this is way better lol
stick with it ,it does work if followed to the letter.,i lost -53lb last year,and my 14 year old son lost -49lb ,it was a good diet ,plenty of water and exercise thats the key.


What doesn't kill me.....
I'm lukcy I didn't get sacked from work adn dumped I was sooo grumpy so this is way better lol
:8855:I apologized to my colleagues in advance knowing full well I get grumpy when I'm really hungry. (Well.. grumpy is putting it very lightly!)




What doesn't kill me.....
stick with it ,it does work if followed to the letter.,i lost -53lb last year,and my 14 year old son lost -49lb ,it was a good diet ,plenty of water and exercise thats the key.

Thats Great Soolaboola! Congrats on your sucess so far!


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