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should I switch to ss?


Mummy of 2!
Not much weight?! Thats still 11lb in 3 weeks, i'd be well happy with that!

perhaps speak to your CDC and see what she says?? mine told me to prepare for plateaus and low losses and to measure myself weekly as i would still see good inch loss on these weeks.
3rd week losses are always notoriously bad! I think its something to do with your body catching up with your weight loss....
I think you have two options....drop down to SS just for this next week and see how you go (Although I think you will get a big loss regardless of what plan you go on-to make up for this week)
Or just stick with SS+ because like you said-you feel like you need 4 packs and its definatly better to have a slower loss but feel energetic and healthy enough to stick it out long term without cheating etc.

I personally think stick with SS+ for this next week to see whether it just was the cursed 3 week blues to blame for your 1lb!

After reading this back I have totally stated the obvious but hey ho!
Good luck xx
I don't think you should switch if you feel you need the four packs, you're going to be more inclined to eat something you shouldn't if you're hungry. Plus the losses aren't supposed to be much different between ss and ss+, you're still vlcd and in ketosis so you'll still lose. You're still on track for your stone a month so try not to worry about each week but look at what you've lost altogether. Keep going, some weeks you'll have bigger losses and some weeks smaller but you'll get to your goal if you stick with it.

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