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Should I, Would you?

kerry b

Silver Member
Hubby promised to take me out to an early dinner and a movie. Woo hoo! Came back from filling the car with petrol to find him sound asleep on the sofa, not feeling well today. Do I wake him ( accidently of course:p) or leave the poor man to sleep and just go make myself some dinner?:hmm:
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kerry b

Silver Member
Sitting here shovelling grapes into my mouth. Stupidly bought 3 boxes of pringles for hubby and they are screaming to be eaten. He has another 10 mins then I will start preparing dinner that can be reheated tomorrow if he feels up to going out. He is also getting a slap for asking for pringles

kerry b

Silver Member
I'm way too nice, I left him to sleep and made myself beans on toast. Much better than a lovely meal out - NOT! He is soooo taking me out next weekend whether he wants to or not!:D
your to nice lol (or i'm to evil) :angeldevil:
by now i would be walking a lil heavy and closing doors a lil loudly then spend all evening insisting i was not upset, obviously wearing my best sulky/hard done by face until he felt sufficiently guilty enough to take me out (with out fail) and possible finish the decorating :D
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kerry b

Silver Member
Hahahaha. I left him til he woke up then said I didn't want to go out anyway, we could do it another time. No point if he wouldn't enjoy it etc etc etc. He has been left in no doubt that i'm not too impressed with his cold. Especially after i commented on my being ill last week and him replying "when were you ill? i didn't realise, you should have said something."
Just because I didn't drag myself round the house groaning and spluttering everywhere and didn't complain about how awful I felt....... GRRRR!
Ahhhhhh but then there's "man cold" and "ladies cold" which are obviously two completely different strains - ours being the mildest! LOL

Who said men were the strongest sex?????

Milk it for all it's worth next week!

kerry b

Silver Member
Bad me, I fully intend to milk it. I see an afternoon of shopping followed by late lunch/early dinner then a movie. Next weekend shaping up nicely:D
Go easy on him. He is a man after all and he can not help that lol.

They are so different from us.

You have a great afternoons shopping and enjoy whatever else comes out of the day.

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