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should you be in ketosis on ss+ and advice ??


I stuck to the SS plan until last month, I started getting very hungry and fed up so me and my CDC decided I should do ss+.

I lost 5 pounds last month...shocked me to be honest as I had stuck to the plan. Ok I had had my meals before the weigh-in which is unusal for me but still 5 pounds seemed so little.

We thought maybe 2 porridges a day was too much for me...so Friday through to yesterday I tried to go back to SS with 1 porridge, 1 bar and 1 soup but felt so ill!

Yesterday morning I nearly fainted in the bathroom with only the door and wall wedging me up.

So yesterday I had to have quorn, feeling a little better today.

Not sure what to do now...everyone keeps telling me not to beat myself up about it. I have managed to go from nearly 22 stone to 13.8 but I want to get down a 2 to 4 more stones and just not looking forward to loosing 5 pounds a month.

I understand it is a loss but still.

I am not in ketosis and have not been for a month or so but can't go back on SS at the moment due to feeling faint.

Just wondering if anyone else hit a bit of a wall at this stage and what I should do about it?
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When you are SS'ing are you drinking all your water? how long does the dizziness last? Have you tried just getting through it and seeing if it returns?

Am wondering if the dizziness is ketosis related, and if you ignore it if you will go into ketosis and be ok then...

I'm not a CDC so can't really advise I'm sorry, but I have had withdrawl from carbs etc in the past and it was headaches and dizziness but once I got into ketosis I was fine - and no longer hungry.

Good luck, I hope you manage to work out a way to get into ketosis and additional losses.
Yeah I was drinking all the water, when I first started the CD the first few days were not that bad at all. Feeling faint was never an issue before...but this weekend it was so bad I spent most of the time sleeping.
On SS+ you should be in Ketosis. Are you sticking to the portion size and allowed food? The average weight loss is between 12-14lbs a month on SS+ so I can see why you're so disappointed. Talk to your CDC; if you're sticking to the portions etc your weight loss should be much greater. Otherwise you might as well go up a few steps imo as your weight loss would probably be the same as now.
My cdc Debz is great, we spoke about this and thought it might be the porridge knocking me out but I have been on it since it came out with good losses.

I take 200g of quorn....no veg as most of the time I can not be bothered and being vegetarian I stick to the quorn.

I can't imagine life without a bar a day and the porridge!! lol


Peggy McParrot
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Peggy McParrot
S: 15st5lb C: 12st2.5lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 29.3 Loss: 3st2.5lb(20.7%)
have not checked but people have said they can see a difference and in the last month I have got in to a size 14 pair of jeans so....
that could be why the scales aren't moving much, your shrinking in inches instead,


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I have had 3 porridge packs a day without a problem. Plus if you are having a bar it still is high in carbs just like a porridge so it doesn't matter. If I was you I would try a higher programme like 810 for a week or two before going back to SS+ or SS. It may give your metabolism a kick.

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