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Should you eat breakfast even though...

I must admit i have mixed views on this, so here goes....
If you are not hungry you are not supposed to eat and most mornings i am not hungry till 3 hours after getting up.
However they say you should eat to kick start your metabolism, i find if i do eat breakfast i lose more than if i dont so there must be some truth in it, but i would love to know the real answer. Anyone out there know???
From a personal point of view, and even taking into account the kick starting metabolism side of it - I don't eat breakfast until I feel like it. Some days it's straight away, some days it's a couple of hours after I get up.

I'm trying to stop myself eating for the sake of it or just because I'm allowed it, and for me that applies to breakfast aswell. I don't think there's anything to gain in forcing yourself to eat.

I have lots of tea with my milk allowance when I get up though so I count that as good enough to kick start my metabolism :) and I can then have breakfast when I can enjoy it.

Mrs V

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Ok....I have spoken with several people about this - dieticians, sports instructors and my Consultant who put in my gastric band.
You should not force yourself to eat. If you are hungry, then eat.
Where in law does it state that we have to have eaten breakfast by 09.00?? I dont feel hungry much before 10.00 most mornings. The idea of sitting down to face a full cooked breakfast, or even a banana at 06.50 when I wake up churns my stomach, so I eat when I want to.
Yes, eating is important, you need to eat to sustain your body, however you should not force food in to yourself just because society has told you that breakfast is in "most important meal of the day". Eat when you want. This is the mistake that so many people make these days.

I'll get off my soap box now! ;)
I get up at 5.45am every day and I am only just eating my breakfast now!! The thought of eating makes me feel sick until I have been up a good few hours. Not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing but it works for me.

I guess a lot of us are here because at some point we ate for the sake of eating or over ate (well that applies to me, I dont mean that everyone is this way, I dont want to cause offence). I say eat when you are hungry not just because you feel you should.



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I am always hungry first thing, thank goodness for Alpen Light bars! Although I eat them in the evening too....


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I have to agree with the points made above that individuals should make their own mind up on this one and do what is best for them.

How many times have we been given advice by these so called 'experts' for it to be retracted, discounted or completely turned around.

Do what works for you ...


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I do think though that not having breakfast is another habit that people get into. And like all bad habits it can be changed through perseverance. How many of us eat a breakfast if we're on holiday and someone else is cooking?
i try to have something around 9:30 when i get to work - usually a cereal bar or fruit.

Not sure if it makes a difference though - hehe! x


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I DO eat breakfast, as I'm up and out, walking my dogs before half five. Then I'm at work, and if I didn't have breakfast, the first chance I'd have to eat could be as late as 3.30-4.00 pm - perhaps 16 hours since tea, if that makes sense? But I don't see breakfast as 'breakfast', I see it as a chance to refuel. I think nothing of having a box of marshalls macaroni, with tonnes on onions and mushrooms, at 6am :)


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I do think though that not having breakfast is another habit that people get into. And like all bad habits it can be changed through perseverance. How many of us eat a breakfast if we're on holiday and someone else is cooking?
Not me .. if its a choice between getting up to eat or a long lie in bed on my holiday .... I take my bed anyday. :D
I think it depends on your life.
I have breakfast and don't always feel hungry but still have it. But if I didn't have breakfast before leaving the house I wouldn't be able to have anything to eat until official break times, by which time I can be starving and thats when I go off plan grabbing something quick and tasty like biscuits/chocolate.
So for me having breakfast, even if I'm not hungry helps me to stay on plan.
If you are able to have something to eat a bit later then I'm sure thats fine. Days when I'm not working I may have breakfast 1-2hours after getting up I just can't do that on days when I'm working.


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Not me .. if its a choice between getting up to eat or a long lie in bed on my holiday .... I take my bed anyday. :D
Same here :D

Plus on holiday you get up later than a work day, so you might be hungrier because it's later.
I never used to be able to eat breakfast but started with half a weetabix and built up to having 2. Now I have to have breakfast when I wake up. I'm hungry when I get up and eating breakfast means that when the hunger does kick in later, I don't reach for rubbish.

Breakfast is supposed to be healthy because obviously you haven't eaten for 8 hours or so, and so your blood sugars will be really low when you first get up. Even something small to nibble on will help stabilise you first thing.


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I very seldom eat breakfast as I am not hungry in the mornings, and I only eat when I am hungry. Sometimes my first meal is lunch, sometimes dinner.
I do eat breakfast when I am away as it's paid for at a B&B but then I mostly don't eat until the next day as I feel really full from it.
Not having breakfast works fine for me, but we are all different.
I eat breakfast everyday but not usually until I get to work. I cycle to work so by the time I have showered and reached my desk I am ready to eat!

miss bee

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i have beaten myself up over so many things to do with food in the past.
when to eat,when not to eat,what to eat what not to eat,how much,how big a portion,before excersise or after.the list never ends:(
well from now on it's gonna be only when i'm hungry:)cross:)

and for me at the mo it's:coffee and more coffee for brekkie,a good sized lunch,a nice healthy dinner and a few low cal snacks in the evening.
anything has got to be better than the old,snack,snack,meal,snack,snack,snack
another meal,snack,snack,snack.
and then as many snacks as i can fit in of an evening,ha ha:D
i think you've just got to do what suits you really.we all know our habits,and maybe one day they will naturally change to what they are 'supposed to be',but untill then,i'm gonna just do my best:)
I only get hungry in the mornings if I haven't eaten much the night before - so not often on SW!!! I do eat most food in the evening, so am not worried if I'm not hungry in the morning, but I do know from previous diets that I can be ravenous the minute I wake up, so its not just a morning thing.

So if you really want to try and eat breakfast, cut down what you eat the night before or have dinner earlier. Otherwise, don't worry about it.

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