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Shouldn't have weighed :-(

I started the plan on Tuesday and this morning, after 3 days, I thought I would have a sneaky weigh in to see how I was getting on.

I've been so good sticking to my 29 points every day and not even had any of my 49 as yet and I've lost nothing!!

Totally gutted and dreading WI on Tuesday at class. I'll be really disappointed if I've lost nothing at all my first week. I've got a day out tomorrow as well (lunch and drinks) and I've planned it really carefully so as not to go over my allowance.

Sorry, no need to reply just wanted to vent!
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Don`t worry piggin, everyday you can weigh different, as a serial weigher myself morning and night (bad i know) i was the same and on the weigh in day i had actually lost 5lb.
So keep being 100% and you will be fine.
Let us know on tuesday.
Good luck :0)
Don't worry as Bevsy says you can weigh different every day, I am a serial weigher and I have found out over time that you can lose 3lb in just one day. Different scales weigh differently too my scales are a about 5lb heavier than the ones at class. So don't give up wait until class to see how u do.
My golden rule is to NEVER weigh in during the week. Not only are your scales different to ones in class weighing at different times always makes a difference. You need that week gap from weighing to let your body adapt and results to show. My advice is to lock the scales away!!! You sound like you are focused and doing a brilliant job. Stick with it you maybe surprised by WI. Can't wait to hear how you get on xx
Thanks everyone. I will keep to it 100% and let you know how it goes on Tuesday.

I wasn't going to weigh as I used to be a bit of a serial weigher when I did SW but they were calling me this morning! I weighed myself before class on my scales on Tuesday at the same time as I did today so I know I've not budged but yes, from now on I'll be keeping WI for a Tues morning at class.

Thanks for the encouragement :)


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I'm a serial weigher as well, morning and night. I rejoined on Wednesday and my class manager said to eat all my daily and weekly if needed.

Keep at it and you may be surprised at weigh in
I weigh myself every morning and every night lol just to see how my weight fluctuates but I dont let it bother me, I still go by what I weigh in class.
I'm a serial weigh-er too but only in the morning as you are heavier in the evening, I know I shouldn't but I like to make sure I am not gaining too much so I can change quickly. However most of the time weigh in is a loss so somehow it all works lol
Well first WI today and i lost 1lb. Gutted. Really thought I would have done better than that.

anyway, started again today so we'l see what next week brings
Well first WI today and i lost 1lb. Gutted. Really thought I would have done better than that.

anyway, started again today so we'l see what next week brings
Don't be too disheartened! It's a lb in the right direction :) I'm sure next week will reflect the handwork your putting in so just keep at it. On my previous WW journey I almost always only lost 1 lb but they do add up and changes start appearing :D

Suz x

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I lost 1 lb on my first weigh in too. Even now I've been doing it 24 weeks and lost 18.5 lbs which is less than 1 lb a week which is disappointing but it's adding up :D
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That's great... it took me a while to get over feeling like if i only lost 1lb in a week i was a failure but it's so not the case... if you look physically at how much 1lb actually is, like in bags of sugar or potatoes, it's a fair weight and makes you realises that to lose that in a week is significant, and over time it will really start to show (plus it's easier to keep off if you do it slowly!) :)


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DITTO What everyone else said!

1lb is fab, it's a step in the right direction and shows that the plan is working :)

Try to stop sneaky weighs, drink plenty of fluids and enjoy your new healthy eating plan x

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