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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by AlexIce, 19 October 2009 Social URL.

  1. AlexIce

    AlexIce Silver Member

    My cdc has never measured me and I have never got round to doing it until this weekend.
    I am challenging myself to lose 15 cms before xmas. Anyone who wants to join in is very welcome. The reason for the 15 cms is cos I had a little spree on ebay a few weeks ago adn bought three nice skirts ready for losing weight - an 18 a 20 and a 22. They have arrived at my mums and she measured them and they are all 42 inches = 106 cms. So - my plan is to get rid of 15 cms off my waist so that they will fit before xmas when I get back to UK and try them on.
    I am making a promise here to get on my exercise bike every day and I am going to log here how many kms I manage.
    Fingers crossed.

    AlexIce 15cms to go!
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  3. sugalipz247

    sugalipz247 Full Member

    Sounds like a good idea. Im trying to get myself geared up to exercise and keep failing but tomorrow is another day!
  4. Blingbabe

    Blingbabe Back On Track!

    Still failing miserably to start exercising.!
  5. NewLife4Me

    NewLife4Me Full Member

    Best of luck AlexIce!!! You can do it! :)
  6. AlexIce

    AlexIce Silver Member

    Well I failed at the exercising last night cos my heating isn't working and I just couldn't bring myself to get out from under the blanket.
    Tonight I will succeed. I will get on the bike!
  7. thinny2be

    thinny2be Full Member

    Good luck, I haven't managed to exercise yet as just don't have the energy and these dark mornings make me just want to stay under the duvet x
  8. AlexIce

    AlexIce Silver Member

    I will get on the bike
    I will get on the bike
    I will get on the bike
  9. AlexIce

    AlexIce Silver Member

    failed again last night with the bike but did 30 minutes swimming today :)
    The exercise has started!

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