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*Shrinklies**The Everything August Challenge*

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
We've got too long :)
and so you'll find the regular members on the Shrinking September Slimathon Thread now. Join us so we can achieve our goals together x
well the members have moved x

Welcome to a fab ongoing support group. Please join in any time and we'll help eachother get to our goals xxx
Look forward to meeting you and good luck with your journey,
Sunshine Singer xxx

Our Challenges together so far have been:

The Shrinking Stones Challenge
The Shrinklie Power Challenge
The Juicy July Challenge

****The Everything August Challenge ****

****now on****
what do you want to achieve?
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Hello Sunshine Orange,

May I join you in losing a stone in the next 4 weeks. Thats a good target will be thrilled to achieve that much.

Anyway wishing you good luck, lets go for it.

Hi Again,

How long have you been doing the diet?

I did it 3 years ago and lost 6 1/2 stone in 6 months. Never allowed myself to cheat once, was enjoying ketosis to much.

Have slipped this last 2 months and put on about 2 stone that I am going to get rid of now.

How much do you need to lose?


Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Wow to not cheat at all in 6 months is brilliant.

I did CD last year for a very short time at the same time as reading Jason Vales juice book....not a great idea. It's good tho as he got me out of obsessing about my weight and dieting for the last year. However now i wanna lose 2 stone, i'm on day 6 and have unofficially lost half a stone so far.

So thats pretty fab we have the same amount to lose. I can't wait till i've done it and can maintain. xxx

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Hi Cooky888 & Polishrose,

Great to have you. You can set your own goals for the 4 weeks. I'm hoping for the stone but as long as I stay on CD and do it right then I'll be happy.

Lets do it,

Good luck or the next 4 weeks xxx
Welcome Polishrose and Cooky888,

Thats 4 of us currently trying to lose a stone in a month.

Its after midnight so I have officially started my diet a little behind you all but never mind,its not a race.

Best wishes

Alan :D:D:cool:
I would like to lose 12lbs by 26th May! (SS+ so not being too hopeful!)

I was 12st 7lbs yesterday morning.
Welcome Sarette,

All the best over the next 4 weeks.

Ive just started again this morning, feeling good at the moment haha
but thats only 15 hours.

name suggestions(not very inspired)

lighter by a stone next month
losing a stone for good
one stone less
we're shrinking
lighter and lovelier

er they're all pretty rubbish but oh well

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Hiya, I'll have a think too. I meant to say before, you're losses are amazing. Very inspiring. x

Stone to Dust
Stonier & Bonier (hehehehe) ???
Step a Stone
Pebble Stone
The Shrinking Stones (ooh a bit of your idea in there) I quite like that...we'd sound like a band.

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
So, we need to decide on a name and then I presume we can all add it to our signitures as we didn't set up as a team....even tho we are a little team. I agree with Alan...it's not a race, we'll all just do our best. Really nice to have you guys to do this with. I've had a brilliant day so I'm a hapy bunny. xxx

Wishing you all a great week x

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