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Sick and Poo :( Sorry if TMI! Advise needed pls?


WILL be Slim!
Ok, so i was at work this morning and managed both of the above in the space of 10 minutes....needless to say, i'm back home and in bed as i'm really weak and keep going dizzy....

I usually have all 3 of my shakes in the afternoon/evening so its not unusual for me to not have had anything yet, but wondering if i need to do anything different considering the sick and poo! lol

Hate feeling poorly....

Its weigh day tomorrow as well so this is the last thing i need!

I have had to have 2 x cup of tea made with skimmed milk and sweetener powder (we hadnt got any tablets in) to try and settle my tummy.....I know this isnt allowed on SS, but i just felt like it would help!

Any help would be super! :)

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Shut up Ethel
Tbh I would treat as you would treat any episode of d&v. have nothing, just water, for 24 hours or so until symptoms passed. If you feel you need tea, have tea, it won't make a vast amount of difference.

This is a diet, not a prison, and if you are ill then I am not sure normal rules apply! If you were eating normally then you wouldn't insist on eating your lunchtime sarnie, or your dinner, if you were sick/had d&v, would you?!

I am off sick today too, so I sympathise. I don't have a poorly tummy though so am having shakes/water as usual, I do feel utterly wiped out though, might have some chicken or tuna later as I feel like blood sugar/energy levels are totally thruogh the floor.

hope you feel better soon.


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Ohhh poor you hun. Its horrible isn't it? I'm on Tamiflu and its given me sickness and diarrhea- I'm over the flu but my stomach is still all over the place. Lots of water, plenty of rest and if you feel you need it, then maybe have an SS+ meal (you'll probably just bring it back up anyway) Hope you feel better soon xx


Yeah..sorry..you're a sick wee bun. I'd stay away from packs as they are milk based (well..most of them) and we know that dairy is no good for the vom situation.

No food for 24 hours after last d & v (or either!) and then you start to have what you feel you can manage. Sensible head says plain things...banana, toast, potato etc etc...diet head says mmm...maybe might try a shake.....might go badly wrong though!

hope you feel better soon!

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