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Sick as a pig heeeeeeeeeeeelp !!!


sisters of slim
S: 18st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.1 Loss: 6st6lb(35.43%)
this diet thing is really getting to me this week ahhhh,
had a brill week 2 shakes 600 cal dinner and no snacks.drank loads of water and went on the treadmill for 30 mins every day,all for what nothing,i am so close to going to the chipshop tonight and as for a cod as big as my head and chips and curry and bread and say sh*t to the diet i ave lost -49 so why has it stopped,the only thing i can think is i came of the pill 20 days ago can you tell by the rant we are in the middle of,doctor said i can be steralized but only after being off the pll for 3 months,and to add insult to injury i have just eaten 2 dairy milk bars,on the 1st of august i will have been dieting a year but i am 3 st away from goal,i am in the zone but my body has other ideas,also josef my 14 year old son lost 2lb this week he is 10 for goal ,he has lost -44 and he did the i have lost and you havnt dance which mays me annoyed teenagers eh,well i am going for a coffee and a cry,please help me get through this,and sorry for the spelling mistakes i am not in the mood to correct them bye for now angie xxx
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Awww don't get down about it I have no idea about the affects of the pill (My dr would never let me go on it cos of my size and something to do with deep vein thrombosis *shrug*) Anyway you don't want that nasty fish smothered in crap and cooked in fat or them calorie loaded chips nasty stuff ;)
Oh hun you sound pretty down in the dumps. I'm sure its your hormones playing around from coming off your pill.

I know people will probably tell me off for saying this but in my opinion if you want the fish and chips then have them! Why not treat yourself when you have been dieting for a year. Tell yourself its a one off. Your going to really enjoy it without feeling guilty and then get right back to the diet and be extra good. The more you deprive yourself of something you want the more it will tempt you. Get it out your system. Have your chippys and do longer on the treadmill this week if you get the chance. We all know what it is like to have raging hormones and just want to eat something really bad. You don't seem like the type of person who will have one treat and then go on a downhill spiral. If you were I wouldn't say have your chips.

Everyone can tell me off now but I think diets should fit around your life and that includes wanting a chippy :D Just be good the rest of the week to balance it out and I'm sure it won't even make much of a difference to the scales.

Just had a look online. A large chip shop battered fish is about 550cals, mushy peas about 100 and chips 3-400cals depending on portion size. If you save your snack and tea allowance your not much over your daily allowance and can easily work that off on the treadmill. The decision is yours but don't feel guilty if you do have your chippy!

BL xx


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Have your fish and chips but pull off the batter and fling in the bin-it will be better for you-ps I am great on theory, not so good in practice!
I have to agree with Busy - if you wanted it, I hope you had it!
I often get a craving for fish and chips but then I remember that actually I really dislike the chips - so i put a jacket spud in and have that with a dollop of cottage cheese.

please please don't beat yourself up - there is only one life and you should live it happily - not always being scared of a bite here and a bite there - however, this does need to be tempered with a little restraint.

Sending you HUGE hugs for a better week to come
I agree with everyone above - if you really crave something, sometimes you just have to have it! When I used to go to Slimming World our regional manager told us "if you find you are craving chocolate, have a low-fat yoghurt." 30 faces were staring at her as if to say yeah, right!

As long as the cravings don't get out of hand (hence the "Big Belly"!), you'll be fine.


sisters of slim
S: 18st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.1 Loss: 6st6lb(35.43%)
thanks for all your kind words,felling a bit better today still shouting at everyone like a fish wife,i didnt go for the fish and chips had youngs fishy stirfry(400 cals) and a banananana with low cal custard (200) i think the rant made me feel better,just having my shake now so feeling more calm and collected lets hope it continues and the pain in my left ovary stops soon before i open a can of whoop ar*se ha ha bye for now angie x
Just a thought, what about fishfingers and jacket wedges for next time or something along those lines? If you plan beforehand you will not beat yourself up next time, as you will know what you can reach for and eat. I know I love chocolate so I make sure I have a choc cereal bar or SF bar on standby for my snack, or if my choc treat is more I have been doing my exercise DVD beforehand to stave off the hunger, or do the DVD after eating it - hee hee! It is so true what has been said above, if you deprive yourself you will feel worse and only want it more. But, by planning ahead and still indulging but in a controlled way, you will feel so much stronger for it. Or, as said above, have what you want, but have a strategy in place to make up for it - such as a bit longer at the gym, or smaller teas for a few days etc.
Hope thats helps?

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