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Sick Feeling.

I had the oriental soup yesterday and really didn't like it, and it's now put me off all the soups. I'm wondering if it is just because of the diet, or actually my dislike to the soup. I can't face them and it's all I have left apart from a couple of shakes. Contacted my consultant to see if she's around to swap.

Am I the only one to feel like this?
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Different packs are liked or hated by different people. I love that soup but the porridges and tetras make me wanna heave. Most CDC's will swop things xx

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I'm not keen on the chilli soup but I love the tomato, leek and potato and chicken and mushroom. I can't abide the porridge. My CDC is happy to swap anything I don't like:)


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I tried the oriental and leek ones; hated them! Had to gulp them down in a cup! Tried the tomato which was quite nice and thinking the vegetable one will be the similar. May try that next week.

The porridges, the first 2 days I struggled with them but then got used to! Apple and Cinnamon is my fav.

Tetras are ok-ish, much prefer the powder shakes though!

My CDC says she would swap anything I didn't like too, can't imagine it would be a problem. Hope it all works out! :)
I think the longer you are doing it, you kind of start to accept the flavours. I used to feel nauseous first thing in a morning with the thought of another day thinking about the porridge and soup. Quite like the porridge (after 2 weeks) - soups still not too keen on - I find the tomato one a bit grainy in texture. I think their soups have a back taste. My friend is on exante and her soups taste much nice.


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I used to love the soups but then after having the Leek one, I hadnt tried them again. Been sticking to the powder shakes - Chocolate, Choc Mint and Vanilla. Perhaps it's my sweet tooth.


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I really like the soups (all of them) but frankly the shakes make me gag. I still have them because they're the only thing I can put psyllium husk in and it still be edible. Without the psyllium I just don't go to the loo a all - sorry to be crude!!

My sister is doing CD and can't stand the bars . . . weirdo!!


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I only like the chicken and mushroom and mushroom soups, although I haven't tried the oriental chilli or tomato. I like most of the shakes except for strawberry, summer fruits, butterscotch and cappuccino. The bars are ok but the peanut and mint choc ones give me terrible wind and I only like apple and cinnamon porridge.

Each to his own I guess!

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i used to like all of them(soups and shakes) but this time round, im actually gagging while drinking the powdered shakes.never had this prob b4, its weird.
and yes timsmom...your sis is a weirdo for not liking the bars. :)
I love the Oriental Chilli but the leek and potato makes me want to gag. The last one i made up i had to pour down the sink cos i just couldn't drink it. Also i really don't like the choc mint bars - i have to eat half in the morning and half in the evening. When i first tried the choc orange shake i liked it but the 2nd time it left a horrible after taste. By the 3rd one i knew i really didn't like them. I still have 2 left in my cupboard, i live overseas so can't really swap them with my CDC - they'll stay there for emergencies ;)


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I think as previous posters have said, each to their own... my cdc only uses Strawberry Silk Tetras for her weight loss and yet I can't stand them...

I love the mushroom and veg soups but a lot of the powdered shakes leave a lot to be desired..


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I think you actually get used to the taste. You might swallow them as medicine for your body ;) I put lots of spices and herbs in mine. And now I'm starting to like them. Actually compared to other brands I've tasted they are not so bad.
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I was the same with the soups even the smell of normal soup made me gag!!!!
it put me right off and even when I had finished my meal replacement journey in 2009 I couldn't stomach soup and even the smell of banana made me gag and I used to like them lol I certainly won't be trying the soups this time lol

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