Sick of being unwell

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  1. Fuzzys Angel

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    :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick: I'M SICK OF KEEP BEING ILL.....

    Once again i'm not well, i'm fed up with it..... I'm sure it's this ward i'm working on? I used to be bank staff at the local hospital & moved around all the time, moving from one ward to another & never ill. I took on a permanent position back in dec 06 & now work on the same ward all the time (acute medical & elderly) since i have been working here i'm alway unwell. I've only recently got over a month long illness & here we go again...:sick: :sick: :sick: :sick:

    Arghhhh........Headache, sore throat, high temp & feeling like sh*t!....:sigh: I just want to go home & go to bed!!!:cry: Each time i go to see the doctor gives me antibiotics & it knocks me out of ketosis, i'm really fed up with it. The question is, feeling as cra*p as i do, do i go to the doctors AGAIN tomorrow??? I know he'll give me medication AGAIN & i'll be knocked out of ketosis AGAIN!!!!

    This has been going on since feb this year, feeling great then feeling ill....Wants wrong with me?

    Sorry to rabbit on but i'm so pis*ed off with it & I'M BLUDDY HUNGRY....LOL.(BUT RESISTING)

    Anyway my break is nearly over so i'm gonna pop out for a smoke :smoke: before i return to the ward (i know i shouldn't...but hey! what the hell) :angeldevil:

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    Does this ward have "sick building syndrome". Dragondrawers, my reason for drinking, suddenly started having misscarriages after two healthly pregnancies.The ward she worked on was "infected with cytomegalovirus" and had this "sick building syndrome" She was due to have blood tests to confirm/rule out this cytomegalovirus but they couldn't get her to part with enough blood to test. One of the side effects of this syndrome, apart from high sickness levels, is misscarriage. I might be talking mince, but i have found that since starting the diet my general health has improved.

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  4. amandajane52

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    Cambridge diet

    Hope you feel better soon hun.
  5. Misdee

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    oh dear :(

    what hospital? am guessings its local-ish to us both?
  6. Mini

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    Sorry your not feeling well, but I would ask your doctor to take a swab from your throat before prescribing more antibiotics as you may need a specific one to cure what it is and after being on so many obviously he does need a different approach.

    There could be other causes as well and smoking does not help:eek: especially with a sore throat.

    Also, artificial lighting can cause headaches...


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  7. DQ

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    You have my sympathy - this year I have been :sick: way more than I have been well. I pretty much know the pills I am taking are knocking me out of ketosis, but am determined to keep plugging on anyway :sigh:

  8. IreneH

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    Sorry to hear you are unwell again
    Irene xx
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