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sick of shakes

After nearly 4 wks of shakes,i`m finding that i`m forcing myself to drink them and at times they are turning my stomach.I have 2 porridges a day and a shake,because i hate the soups.Should i maybe try the bars now,or do they slow down weight loss?Also are they more expensive?Going to see my counsellor on tuesday for weigh in,so might make the change then.Don`t want to get to the point when i would skip the shake and go without.
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I`m worried that i will find them a little too nice,and scoff the lot!Plus i have heard they have more carbs in them and wanted to carry on with just porridge and shakes.Don`t think my stomach is going to allow me to do that!!
Try the bars.. they are really nice and give you something to chew on.. I can't go without a mix a mousse, powder you add to water and your shake mix, blitz with a hand blender and pop in the freezer until set (5mins) you then get a mousse!!! the butterscotch gets me through any serious cravings.:) the only one I did not like was tthe choc orange, tasted powderey, hope that helps x my cdc gave me some to try before I bought a pot incase I did not like it. :)
I was worried about the bars triggering me to want to eat, but thankfully they haven't done that! I was also worried about slower weight loss, but hopefully you can see that hasn't been the case either. I lost 7lbs this week eating a bar a day :)
The cranberry and peanut are lower in carbs than the others, so if you are carb sensitive they are the best, but I don't have any problems. They have really made a big difference to me, I don't think that I could do CD without them! I love the toffee one, it feels like such a treat and is so yummy :)
Give it a go and see! They certainly add variety and it is so nice to be able to chew, and they are sooooooo handy when you are out or at work! I try and eat them slowly, with small bites to make them last with water.
good luck! And well done on 4 weeks :)
I think i will try them,because i can`t face another week with shakes!Love the porridge,but two times a day is enough.
As long as you don't have more than one bar a day you shouldn't have a problem with staying in ketosis. Because they're slightly higher in carbs and because they have a slight laxative effect one is the maximum. It's nice to chew something and if you chop it up it can last a little while.
I heard people freeze them and cut them up,that should make them last ages.Do they taste like the slim fast snack bars does anyone know?
I am sooo looking forward to having the bars. One more week to go!
I got sick of the shakes and ended up having porridge, bar, tetra, soup.

Back on another re-start (whoops how did that happen) and loving choc shakes again, don't want tetra! strange how the pallet works!


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I heard people freeze them and cut them up,that should make them last ages.Do they taste like the slim fast snack bars does anyone know?
That's what I do, I cut them into 16 bits and have a couple of big coffees to wash them down (I can spin this meal out to about 20 minutes). I like them all except peanut (which I'm allergic to).

Whatever you do, don't try and bake them in the microwave (as some people recommend) - however I do it, I just end up with smouldering burnt lumps which taste nasty! :jelous:

(PS. You really should try the mousses if you haven't already - they are lurvely and really feel like a meal.)
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