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Sickly Feeling


I love my purdy shoes
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Hello everyone, Just wondering if any of you have felt really sickly on Lt. I'm in week 3 now so I thought any of these feelings would've been before this. I know I need to drink the shakes but it's like my body just doesn't want em at the moment :sigh: I'm not gonna break the diet and I hope this will pass but I just wanted other opinions if you've felt the same ?? xx
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I went off the chocolate one and the chicken soup they made me gag, but I like the rest.

If you break the diet now you need to refeed and introduce carbs slowly or you will overfill the glycogen store.

Or...you could think of doing Cambridge Diet which is similar but have more choice in flavours and bars.


Love Mini xxx


I love my purdy shoes
S: 20st5lb C: 14st11lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 30.6 Loss: 5st8lb(27.37%)
I will refeed properly if I break it but i'm not planning on doing. Maybe its the cocoa in the choc shake i've been having them alot more lately. Might lay off them for abit as I know chocolate has made me ill throughout my life anyway, so fingers crossed that will work x


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Hi Cherry, maybe you have a little bug?
It's tempting to think the sickliness is the LT, but it could be coincidence.
Laying off the choc is a good idea anyway. Hope you feel much better soon xx
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Sorry, I can't help as I've not had that problem. Try another flavour and see if that helps. I'm loving all the shakes now so am having a different one each time (and a flapjack!)

cuddlyfairy- i tried a coconut flapjak today and i bit it and spat it out, it was awful! i tried it again and this time i chewed it only i could not swollow it, i did try to swollow it but it never went down lol. have you had a peanut flapjak? what does that taste like?


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yeah i got sickly a lot too, make you are not breaking the diet with milk or fruit teas etc.. even licking a spoon can cause it. i was really ill and when i became more strict with it all my symptoms went away.

drink enough, rest enough, have all the shakes/soups/ bars whatever you can manage (try adding coffee to the vanilla, it transforms it!) and you should feel better soon, unless its a bug.



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I haven't had this probemon lipotrim, it really agrees with me, but it is often mentioned that it is a good detox. I have often felt very sick in the past when detoxing, just a thought. Maybe with the increase in water you are reducing your caffeine or something. Hope you feel better soon x
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Charlene, I have the peanut flapjacks for my lunch. They aren't the best but they are very convenient. The are defo an acquired taste and people tend to love them or hate them. I like being able to chew and to have something savoury as I hate the soup and having just shakes all day means all sweet.

I would leave the flapjacks for now. I do find I drink a lot to swallow them, which you have to do coz you aren't havig the water you put in the shakes.

I am loving the vanilla with coffee as a latte and have it for my breakfast.



I love my purdy shoes
S: 20st5lb C: 14st11lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 30.6 Loss: 5st8lb(27.37%)
Thanks for everyones advice. This is the first time in nearly 3 weeks i've felt ill the shakes haven't bothered me before now, I can even tolerate the Chicken soup. And Yep i'm sticking to it 100% not licking any spoons or anything as the OH is cooking for himself and as for water I drink about 15 pints a day so i've come to the conclusion it must be just a bug, which hopefully i've slept off most of as I stayed in bed allllll day xxx

Thanks guys x

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