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Hi hun! Sorry to hear your not feeling too great today. I'm on day two again and i have to say for the first few days every time i do this diet i do feel a little nauseaus. I've never physically been sick but definately felt it. Hopefully it will be nothing more than just your body adjusting to the sudden change. Take it very easy for the next few days, use it as an excuse to pamper yourself and do nothing :D i'm sure it will pass and you'll be feeling much better tomorrow xx


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hi Babybear, don't have any advice to give as I've not experienced feeling sick on this, hope you are starting to feel better and do try to take it easy. All the best.
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Hi Babybear

It could be a form of detox you are going through. It manifests itself in different ways. I had AWFUL headaches the first week. Second week I felt fab, eyes were clear, skin looked good. Our bodies have to react in some way after we come off the food drug.....maybe you just feel nauseous??
I cant have the soups..no, no they don't go down well at all. The shakes are fine..ice them up and also...a tip I got from this forum...I sip them through a straw. Really luv 'em now :D
Good luck. Keep going!!


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Hi BabyBear,
On my 2nd day, i was really nauseous, my stomach also felt really weak, i wasn't actually sick but it was horrible n when i drank water i felt worse.
It does get alot better im on day5 now n i feel fine.

so keep goin xx


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Hey babybear, just wondering how you are today? I'm hoping you are feeling better xx


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Iv had the same thing...last night i suddenly started feeling really sick so had to miss my last shake. I forced my first one of today down but i still feel awful.

Im going to keep pushing though and focus on my first WI!

hope you feel better:)
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Hi ive not felt sick but didnt feel right for the 1st week, maybe if you add ice and sip them that might help. hope so
good luck xxx
Hi minnie, feelin abit better 2day bit shakey but no more sickness :happy036:
so hopefully im over the worst.. fingers crossed lol

How r u 2day??


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Ah, that's great to hear. I'm ok yeh, got a bit hungry earlier this evening, but am ok again. I was out again and missed the time I'd normally have the drink so I think that's a lot to do with it.

It doesn't help that all I can smell around the place are BBQ's :drool:
Ye tell me about it i think my next door neighbour have had a BBQ every other day for about a week now and its killin me lol..

Still feelin quite hungry between shakes tho so hopin it goes soon :innocent0001: but at least the feelin rough seems to have passed THANK GOD! lol
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I've had my very first shake today and it made me feel ill. I'm due to have my seoncd and am praying I feel okay after it!
Hi TamTam!

They certainly rnt the nicest tastin drinks ive had lol i much prefer the chocolate one to the vanilla and strawberry, theres much more flavour to it. I havent yet tried any of them with ice... but plenty of time for that lol

Good luck hun xx

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