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Side effects?


I WILL be thin!!


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I didnt feel any different in the first 3 days..and wondered if there was something wrong as all the posts here said different !!! lol

So i think your doing ok :)
I had a headache day three or something but other than that i felt on top of the world... not everyone feels rubbish but its like if you expect the worse, its a pleasant surprise if this doesnt happen.



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Just wanted to wish you luck on your journey and well done sounds like your doing fab...I dont mean to put a downer on things but my third day was the hardest, I just felt dizzy and a bit light headed took some neurofen and drank lots of water, soak in the bath and an early night and felt much better the next day.. You might be fine though hon ..
Its a fab diet and this is a fab forum and we are all here to support each other...
Good luck and heres to a great week ahead x


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It's great that you're feeling fine! Some people dont have any problems at all. I'd say the majority have some changes that arent so pleasant in the first couple of weeks. As a counsellor I explain all the possible side effects, so that people dont worry if they experience the headaches, dizziness or tiredness. It's lovely when they tell me they feel great! I had a headache the first night of the diet and that was all. Then from about the 10th day, got the bad breath, but sooo much energy which carried on throughout the diet:)

Good luck with your diet



WILL be Slim!
i was ok to be fair....i started on a sunday and then had work for day 2 and 3 so i was too busy to notice which certainly helped!
Plan yourself a list of things to do tomorrow so you dont get those bored hunger feelings!
Mine was the dry mouth that got to me the most....but i drink about 4l of water a day and that seems to get round that one, and i carried some mouthwash round with me...you do what you need to do in the first couple of days/week to keep you on track and as long as its not food related, you'll be fine


I WILL be thin!!
Ok, day 3 and now some side effects have kicked in. Headaches, a bit of a strange vision and some lightheadedness. I'm also putting this down to the hot weather at the moment but think I'll take some painkillers in a mo.

I found the first couple of days fine, but since then I have started to feel a bit under the weather. My CDC advised to up my water level, which I'm trying to do so hopefully that will help a bit. It could also be withdrawal from carbs. I was a total carb junkie before this and went cold turkey!

Am determined to stick with it though. Even if I have to feel sick for the whole 12 weeks, at least I'll be slim at the end of it!!

You could always try adding one of the SS+ meals if you feel really ill
To be honest whenever done SS I've been fine - my problem comes when I'm fully in ketosis and I'm so cold --- I get so cold that my fingers crinkle like they've been in water for an hour, even now I've got cold feet!
The only side effect I've had (other than the bad breath) is that I'm a lot less chilled out with the children!! I am normally very patient with them (they're 4.5 and 6 years old) but this week I've lost my temper so many times. It feels as if my DS is testing me constantly and I'm not sure whether he is worse than usual or whether I just can't deal with it calmly. I just want to give him a slap, but instead I'm sitting here taking deep breaths :mad::mad::mad::copon:.

I feel sorry for him at the same time because he is always the one getting into trouble. Our DD is such a goody goody (bless her) and hardly ever gets into trouble, but DS is just such a typical boy and is constantly pushing boundaries and right now I can't deal with it.

Sorry - I didn't mean for this to be a whinge....completely went off track there :rolleyes:

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