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I don't know what's wrong with me!!


I put on 1lb last week, which was expected. Lavish meal out for OH's birthday and LOTS of alcohol etc...

But i tried to keep the mind set of - Tomorrow is a new day.

But this whole week my mind isn't in it.
Wednesday after group, i felt great and motivated.

By Thursday night i'd given up.

Spent the days between then and now going on and off plan.
I've got WI tonight and i will go, that's not the issue.
But i know i'll have put on. And i want to cry.

I don't wanna be like this. I don't wanna be fat anymore.
So why on earth do i let myself down!? Why do i do it?

I've got tears in my eyes because i'm so disappointed in myself :-(
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Wishing and hoping!
Sometimes you have to accept your mistakes, face it and move on. Don't be so hard on your self, you might only want to further self sabbatage. You know what you have to it and belief in SW as you can lose again and before you know it, it will be a distant memory :)
sometimes we all have weeks where we struggle to get back on the wagon, and esp after a teeny gain the week before its harder.

Nothing you can do about last week - so focus again on this week.

Maybe do a SAS log for yourself?? you could print one off the website, or get one from class tonight - then you fill that in and have a fantastic week and be a total and utter loser next week?

Good luck hun xxxx
I could of wrote most of that myself, Last week I lost 5lb but this week has been a nightmare, My willpower has upped and gone and I just can't seem to focus on SW at all.

If it was in the fridge I have eaten it , if it was in the cup it's not anymore !

I just don't know what's happened, I would guess I have eaten at least 30 syns each day this week and feel so much worse for it. I feel bloated, fat and unhappy but I still do it, I have the choice to put it into my mouth and I think about putting it back but it always ends up in my mouth, WHY ? I get so annoyed but 30 minutes later I'm doing the same thing again.

It's my weigh in tonight as well and I am dreading it, I know I have gained this week without a doubt as my clothes are tighter and I just feel fatter !

I don't like feeling like this so why can't I control it ? I am so disappointed in myself and feel I have let myself down.

Tomorrow is a new day and a new SW week, I will have to learn from this week, remember how I am feeling now compared to how I felt last week, and use this to drive me on to future loses.

Sounds easy doesn't it?

Take care and your not alone !
hope you feel better.

I think everyone has been there at some stage.

Jus take a step back draw a line under it and start over. You will be back on plan and losing weight again before you know it.

Speaking from experience, i found that the more i felt the way you do the more i strayed away from plan. So I put it behind me and went back to basics, doing the same things i did on day 1.

dont give up xx
Have been on the plan since August and ,touch wood I haven't lost motivation yet BUT I totally understand where you are coming from. I have yo - yo dieted for the last 30 years, looking back I should never have gone on a diet at 17, I was the right weight for my height probably needed toning but hey it was the 70's and the diets were 700 cals per day, which I am sure was the start of the viscous weight circle that has dominated my adult life. Over the last 30 years I have put enough weight on to end up obese(from being that 17 year old girl I have put at nearly 9 stone on). The amount of times I have cried about being fat, ruining nights out with hubby because I couldn't fit in anything and just wanted to hide in a dark corner. I have come to a stage, at 47 if I don't do something about it I am going to end up a disabled old person.....visions of my bum hanging over a motorised scooter pinging in my head. I don't want to be fat no longer, I can't afford to be fat. I want my 50's to be funky NOT frumpy...... Have realised I have had a semi rant here , all I wanted to say is cry, get angry with yourself and then get right back on the saddle. WE can conquer the fat demon together !:D:D:D

Just looked at my stats at the side , I have almost doubled my weight from being 17. The first slimming club I went to I weighed in at 10 stone 2lb(oh to be that weight now) and at 5ft 10 is in the healthy range. I don't think any slimming club would accept me nowadays
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Right - Its taken me about 3months to get from 1 stone to 1 stone 7lbs - and why? Because I was busy, things were happening, and we had "excuses" to go out and enjoy ourselves. It was the same pound I was losing and gaining and let me tell you it was as annoying as hell.
And now, I dont know what happened but something has clicked.

Look are your weight loss in LITTLE losses rather than the whole big thing, treat yourself when you get to your next targets etc...x
Well done hun :) After having time off STS is really good.

I fell off the wagon and put on 3lbs in a week, since then I have been trying to stick to less than 15 syns a day but I haven't been eating the right foods for everything else. I have decided to try for week one again. I skipped weigh in this week (working) but from Monday I will have my new starting weight and a new week to think about.

That's the plan anyway, things normally change and I make excuses. I don't want to be fat anymore, I don't want my shopping trips to consist of popping into Evans! If I can find the determination for SW that I put into eating junk I would be a skinny minny in no time at all :D

Hun, you are a positive person who helps us all feel good about ourselves when we are down, remember to turn some of that on yourself too :)
Dont beat yourself up................. Scream as loud as you can :) do go to your class...... if you dont, you will not get that kick!!! to start again............ GOOD LUCK no how you feel................
Right, I need 1lb loss this week. So how about we make sure we BOTH get it this week :D x
argh there you are Britt, missed you over on the team thread :D

Sorry to hear you are having a bit of a tough time but sts this week is good news and hopefully this has given you a bit of a boost to do better this week? You can do it!! xx


Plodding on.......
That's great news. Good luck for next week.

Gail x
Well done on maintaining. Try to get one really good 100% day behind you. At the start of the next day, concentrate on how you feel, and how satisfying it is to be on track. Then work hard to ensure that day is also 100%, consciously avoiding all temptation. After that, you're almost halfway through a 100% week, and remind yourself how good it will feel to get a deserved loss at the next weigh in.

It's little steps like this, and trying to focus hard on how you will feel if you DO stick to the plan that I find is the only way I can get past sticky periods like this :)
A maintain is good honey, and espcially after you expected to gain. I don't know what to say about getting your mojo back. Mine got up and buggered off over the summer, but I think it's back! I'm taking each week, each day as they come. Planning the best I can, chucking in a bit of extra walking when I can etc etc. I'm a total Positive Polly at the moment, and feeling good about it! You can do it! Now, as Elle would say, pow pow pow those pounds away, and go back next week and nab that SOW award! You can do it!!:)

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