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Sign me up! Need to lose... oh ... just LOADS!

Welcome to the wemitts FFF :)

You've come to the right place for support, encouragement and understanding (and the odd laugh too :) ) Everyone here in the wemitts knows the extra issues involved in having a lot of weight to lose ... we have to dig deep when others have finished their journeys.

I myself had 12st to lose at my heaviest and have two and a half to go to get to my provisional 10st goal so it's not an impossible dream (although it may seem like it at the start). Before you know it, the stones will be melting away and the new you will emerge - it's all really exciting!! :)

Good luck with your new beginning starting with Cambridge tomorrow. It can be a bit tough in those first few days so keep coming on here and we'll all walk you through it day by day .... hour by hour if needed!

Looking forward to getting to know you and sharing your weight loss journey with you.
(There's a link at the bottom of this post showing you my 'work in progress' pics)
Good luck with starting tomorrow! I remember when I started... I was nervous and apprehensive- but excited and motivated (lol)!

and welcome to WeMITTS... a lovely bunch of welcoming, understanding, sympathetic, supportive little people! You will feel right at home! ;)
WOW, I just looked at your pictures RussianDoll... you look amazing, I wouldn't have said you were the same person at all! Thank you so much for the welcome.. I am very excited, and nervous, and HIGHLY motivated right now! I'm so impressed by your grit and determination too. It's also a huge relief to know there are others who understand what it is like to have to lose so much. Thanks again!
Fancy meeting you here FFF!! I am also a member of the WEmitts!! We have so much in common. Born in Northern Ireland, Psychology study, and starting Cambridge within few days of eachother. Im glad your here FFF! and you will find those on this forum extremely helpful. I know because I do!!


** Chief WITCH **
Hello to you and welcome to the Board,

I had pretty much the same amount to lose as you at the outset so it really can be done! I've posted some photos and can barely recognise that person in the "befores" as I didn't really "see" myself as I was at all.

Good luck to you
Hiya, thanks!:D

Feeling a bit crap today to be honest:( ... stonker of a headache and VERY nauseaus! :( :( I've been keeping a diary... dunno how to make a link to it though... mind you... you'll need about an hour to read it each day I think! :eek:

Hi Im sorry your feeling ill it will go I promise and drink loads of water the results are worth 3-4 days of yuck feeling ;)
You and copy and paste your diary onto the weight loss Diary section or just start afresh today go to the bottom of your page here and curser down to weight loss diarys and type away,we all read them and it doesnt matter if its long as it gets all those feeling off your chest :)
Keep at it Ive lost 1 stone in 2 weeks and have struggled too
Hi hun, welcome to the wemitts, hope you're feeling a bit better today, as everyone has said the first few days are pretty nasty but after that you will get into ketosis and you will see the weight literally flying off , lol xx
Good luck and keep us updated xx


I STILL mean it!
A big warm welcome to the WeMitts Fairfatand fortyish. We will be with you every step of the way. You absolutely CAN do this.
You will soon be slimblondeandmindyourownbusinessaboutmy age!!!!
Ann xxxx


2nd Time Lucky!
Woo isnt it exciting? :D
Im sure you will do brilliantly let us all know how you get on hunni xxx

I can't wait! Although... now... this is a bit... well... delicate.... for the first time since starting... today I can't poo!!!:eek: :eek: :eek:

Am wondering if all those "muffins" meant I didn't drink as much..:confused: so this morning I drank my shake (although I wanted a muffin!) (shame they don't do a pic for pouting! lol)

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