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Signature above 1500?


Gone fishing
You could give yourself a bigger signature by changing the way you colour the one you have now (or turn the text on to black)

Everytime you change a colour, you add a code either side of the text. Change it back again, and you add another code. It all adds up.

At the moment, your signature looks like this...(sorry, but I love doing this :D)

[ SIZE=2][ COLOR=magenta]week 1 [ /COLOR][ FONT=Comic Sans MS][ COLOR=red][ B]-14lb[ /B]:wow:[ /COLOR][ /FONT][ /SIZE]
[ LEFT][ SIZE=2][ COLOR=magenta]Week 2 [ /COLOR][ COLOR=red][ B]-6lb[ /B]:bliss:[ /COLOR][ /SIZE][ /LEFT]
[ LEFT][ SIZE=2][ COLOR=#ff00ff]week 3 [ /COLOR][ COLOR=red][ B]-5lb:party0011:[ /B][ /COLOR][ /SIZE][ /LEFT]
[ LEFT][ SIZE=2][ COLOR=#ff00ff]week 4 [ B][ COLOR=red]-4lb[ /COLOR][ /B]:party0011:[ /COLOR][ /SIZE][ /LEFT]
[ LEFT][ SIZE=2][ COLOR=#ff00ff]Week 5 [ /COLOR][ COLOR=red][ B]-8lb:character00100:[ /B][ /COLOR][ /SIZE][ /LEFT]
[ LEFT][ SIZE=4][ COLOR=black][ U][ B]Goals[ /B][ /U][ /COLOR][ /SIZE][ /LEFT]
[ LEFT][ SIZE=2][ COLOR=#ff00ff]1. 1 week on ss[ FONT=Comic Sans MS][ COLOR=red] 6/5/08[ /COLOR][ /FONT][ /COLOR][ /SIZE][ /LEFT]
[ LEFT][ SIZE=2][ COLOR=#ff00ff]2. Lose a stone [ FONT=Comic Sans MS][ COLOR=red]6/5/08[ /COLOR][ /FONT][ /COLOR][ /SIZE][ /LEFT]
[ LEFT][ SIZE=2][ COLOR=#ff00ff]3. Stick to ss when visit sis in Ireland at end of may [ /COLOR][ FONT=Comic Sans MS][ COLOR=red]done[ /COLOR][ /FONT][ /SIZE][ /LEFT]
[ LEFT][ SIZE=2][ COLOR=#ff00ff]4. lose 10% body weight [ FONT=Comic Sans MS][ COLOR=red]25/05/08[ /COLOR][ /FONT] [ /COLOR][ /SIZE][ /LEFT]
[ LEFT][ SIZE=2][ COLOR=#ff00ff]5. lose 4 stone by hols in August[ /COLOR][ /SIZE][ /LEFT]

[ URL="http://www.tickerfactory.com/weight-loss/wqB2aWG/"][ IMG]http://tickers.tickerfactory.com/ezt/t/wqB2aWG/weight.png[ /IMG][ /URL]

[ SIZE=3][ COLOR=red]June challenge[ /COLOR][ /SIZE]
[ URL="http://www.TickerFactory.com/"]
[ /URL]
[ IMG]http://tickers.TickerFactory.com/ezt/t/w7cyrHY/weight.png[ /IMG]

(minus a few spaces)

Hope that helps :)


Silver Member
Thanks so much it was frustrating the hell out me lol xx


Silver Member
I like to read other people's weekly losses and goals achieved and I am proud of mine so like to see them in my sig. i also think it's inspirational and some of the pics are really good x

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