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silly question about shakes



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Well I've had no choice but to do this on one occasion and I didn't really notice a difference.
Have you got a shaker though? They'rte great for making them up on the go!


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yes you need to drink them within 15 mins for the goodness of the vits and minerals and i have heard that they do go really yucky if you leave them, not worth the risk really


One day at a time!
As said by others I think the vitamins and minerals are lost. I guess if you have no choice though, and it keeps you from eating/drinking other things then you have to try it. It's worth asking your CDC for a few bars or tetras for times like this even if they are in the first week or two - better to introduce them a bit early than leave you without the diet at all;)
Thanks girls ... I've packed a sports bottle with a wide neck ..so I am hoping it will mix well enough for me. I will just make an excuse to go to the car when everyone is having their lunch. We will have about 50 kids today and parents so you can see my predicament.

Anyways girls .... will see you all tonight. :D


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my hubby bought one of the shakers as he was out all day delivering and that worked well for him, not sure how much the cambridge ones are as he bought his from tescos, bout £5 i think


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Having a peanut or cranberry bar, or a tetra pack is by far the easiest solution! I dont care for the after taste of the tetras, but wouldnt be without the bars. You can even put two in your bag for days out should you get caught up in traffic or something. I take one to work as they are easy to eat on the go. They are my lifesavers!
well I took my sports bottle and made it up at lunch time. I shook it for ages and it was all lumpy and I coulndt drink it ...blurgghhh. I am definately gonna ask about the tetras or bars for days out.


please try again
try a shaker hun, they have a plastic grid that sits in the top to break up the lumps, thats how i make all my shakes and the 2 minutes shaking it counts as exercise right? lol
Cambridge also have a tiny whisk now that is quite powerful, battery operated, comes in small pouch that can fit in your handbag or pocket well worth having.
Linda ... the whisk sounds good. thankyou

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