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Silly question maybe..


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I just started last week and i'm a postal member. I received my call today from the support team and I said I had a function on Saturday do I save my syns or what happens.

I was told to NOT save syns as it may have an impact on my weight loss but to have the extra syns and start as normal he following day.

I asked if I could have, say, 7 a day and save 3 each day would that make a difference and she said I could do that.

I hope this is of some help x


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This is where flexi-syns comes in to play. You make a conscious decision on how many syns you will use for that event and stick to that. So, have your syns as normal every other day and then, for arguements sake, you have decided to have up to 50 syns for that event so you stay under 50 syns at that do.

That way you are not depriving yourself at all, enjoying your event and staying on plan.

This is a once in a while thing but you don't have that feeling of being a failure for going off plan.


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Great - thanks for that.
I remeber when I last did SW I rarely used my syns but am now over 18 - and have a new bestfriend called wine lol.x
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I try and save most of my syns for a Friday as we go out to dinner once a week. You can save them but mustn't carry them over to the next week.
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That's interesting to hear that from the consultant! It makes sense. I have been saving my syns all week for Friday - I've hardly had any all week.
I used to go to class and my consultant there said we had 105 syns to spend any way we like all week (so, spread it out or have all in one of two days). But she did say that wouldn't work for some people and they'd need to have 10-15 a day.


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it is interesting to see what everyones consultant says, mine told us that sw wasn't designed for saving syns and that you should have them every day, then flexi it if you have an event. Personally i don't see what harm i would do to save them xx
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I suppose it's what works for you. If you think of it in calories/fat for a moment (I know, we don't do that here! lol! But go with me on this...) then if you're eating low calorie and low fat all week, and then have one day where you're over the recommended 2000 calories and 75g fat (I think) then that should average out as a negative calorie balance (and I read somewhere you need -500 a day to lose 1lb a week and -1000 a day to lose 2lb, roughly).

But let's move away from calories! lol!


I am one of the 63336
S: 20st3lb C: 20st3lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 44.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
As Betty says, its interesting to hear what different consultants have to say on different things.

Mine is admant that you can't save syns but she is happy for people to make lasagna doritos, crisps and chickpea peanuts as better to teat them than the real things, whereas other consultants say that 's 'bending the rules' too much.


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We actually discussed this in class yesterday.

We were told not to save syns up, but if we were going to something, to use flexisyns. Syns are designed to be used every day and not to be saved up for a once a week blow out. I guess that's down to the healthy eating management because we are ultimately 'learning' how to eat normally and deal with food issues when we get to target
It is strange isn't it... mine said we could start the week with 105 and count them down! However, she did say this wouldn't work for everyone...(there's always a get out clause!). I prefer to stick to the daily amount and if I am going out I will cut down on them in advance as a bit of damage limitation.


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For a 'do' I think it's probably better to take it as a Flexi Syns day. It's a clever bit of psychology, really - you're less likely to feel deprived on the other days that week, and in a way it teaches you to do exactly what 'normal' people do - ie have a bit more on a special occasion, then get straight back to your normal eating pattern the next day, without any guilt or sense that you've been 'bad'.

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