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  1. Amy_love1991

    Amy_love1991 Member


    I have not been on here for a good few weeks as I have not had any Internet :( Sad times, I know!
    Anyway.... I have lost 6lb in 3 weeks, so 2lb a week is not bad.

    Just going to carry on with what I am doing and write everything down, to encourage me to stick to my routine.
    So today (6.2.13) I Weight 13stone 6lb, eaten a go ahead bar and apple for breakfast... Lunch was 2 shape yoghurts and half a can of Heinz chicken soup but unfortunately I seem to have been persuaded to make quiche for dinner (The boy better be grateful!) with a nice helping of salad. Not too bad I rekon. Zumba tonight too! :)

    If you wanna join in and buddy up to motivate each other then don't hesitate to post below - I'd love some company so I don't feel alone doing this!

    Has anyone heard of Raspberry ketones? My friend has been using them for 4 weeks now and has lost a stone and a half, she is quite large and does not do exercise at all yet suddenly she has so much more energy and looks great in herself!- anyone else had any results from it? I would love to hear them as I don't believe a quick fix is reliable!

    Cheerios! :)
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  3. emmaedes

    emmaedes Gold Member

    Hi Amy,

    i would love to buddy up!!! :)

    im just doing calorie counting and sticking to 1200cals a day - started properly on monday! well done on your loss so far!!!

    it helps me writing my food in my diary on here too as a way to keep focused!

    i haven't tried the raspberry ketones!! but im VERY interested now you've said about them!!! running off to google now!

  4. Amy_love1991

    Amy_love1991 Member

    Hi Emma!

    So glad you posted, was starting to think I was a larry :p Let me know what you think once googled :D

    Thanks, I too have been going for 1200 :) Working well too! Do you have a goal to work towards?

  5. emmaedes

    emmaedes Gold Member

    haha!! nope im here :) i think it looks blooming fab!!! lol and really cheap!! where does your friend buy it from do you know?

    well im 14st 10lb atm ekkkk :( i want to be a size 10 and i think when i was last a size ten i was around 11 stone / 10st 7 so want to loose roughly 3st 7lbs..... and i want to be at goal for my holiday in October. How about you hun?

  6. Amy_love1991

    Amy_love1991 Member

    She gets them from Holland and Barrat :) If you get them, def let me know what they do and how they help?

    You can do it! Just believe :D You will get there, we both will! I would like to be roughly the same weight, feel like I have been dieting forever though :( Gaine a stone since last Jan :/

    ahh We are ment to be trying for a baby buuuuut I really want to loose weight first - even if I gain it back, I wont be twice the size I am now when Had it - so gonna try loose now and maintain that loss whilst pregnant :)

  7. skinnylegs

    skinnylegs Silver Member

    What are keystones?
  8. Amy_love1991

    Amy_love1991 Member

    Raspberry Ketones are a fat burning tablet - they are different to any other tablet as the raspberry that is in each one is the same amount as eating about 50 raspberrys which this powder burns calories - it slices up the fat within your body - and makes it easier to loose weight, instead of maintaining it like most others do.... ALLEGEDLY. I however do not believe it is different to ANY other and just think it's going to be a rip off :/ its the fastest selling tablet in 2013 so far though
  9. Carlyd85

    Carlyd85 Full Member

    Ooh I've heard of these tablets, I read an article about a journalist who tried them, and lost a lot of weight! But then reviews that I've read say they are no better than any other tablet :-/ I'm a bit skeptical, but if they work I'll get some :) lol
  10. emmaedes

    emmaedes Gold Member

    Ooo really?! How many a day does ur friend take do u know?!

    Ooo ok, well we can both help each other defo!!! I've stuck to my lower cals today ended on 1227! So pleased with that and don't hungry!! Yay!!! And have had my water allowance!!! Sooo helps to take in a bottle of water and have it sat on my desk I just keep putting it into my glass and therefore it's like a bottomless glass haha!!!

    Roll on Tomo! :) xxx

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  11. Amy_love1991

    Amy_love1991 Member

    Hey! Sorry - she takes 2 in the morning, 2 at lunch and 2 at dinner - the bottle says 2 at breaky and 2 at lunch, but her doctor said it wont hurt to take an extra 2 in the eve with dinner.

    Yay we will get there - Today, so far I have had 2 shape yoghurts for breakfast, some left over queche for lunch and have piri piri chicken with some veg :) All in all is 1220 cals :D

    How have you done today? x
  12. Amy_love1991

    Amy_love1991 Member

    I know what you mean, if they worked, maybe I would get them - but don't want to waste money I dont really have one something that is going to turn in to expensive urine haha xx
  13. Lucy_B

    Lucy_B Silver Member

    Hi there. Here to subscribe. I'm Lucy. I'm currently 13st 5.5. Would love to be 10.5 (here's hoping) been up and down with dieting, GI and weight watchers. Now I am sticking with WW and calorie counting.
    I have a diary called weight watchers/calorie counting/ thinking thin- feel free to subscribe (don't feel you have to though)
  14. emmaedes

    emmaedes Gold Member

    Hey Hun. O brill thank u!!! Looked on holland and Barrett website and the £9.99 are sold out so might wait till they are back in to try them!!

    Yay well down that's a fab day!!! Today I've had no brekkie ... Ham salad sandwich .... Muller light .... Got chicken kebab for dinner so chicken breast lettuce cucumber pitta and low fat salad cream ... That takes me to 900cal!! So going to have a medium kebab so but more chicken and just going to have some low fat crisps! Should take me to 1200cal then :) yay!!!! Xxxxx

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  15. Amy_love1991

    Amy_love1991 Member

    Sorry not been on here in a few days - really not liking the snow, our internet does not like winter much and decides to hibernate!
    How did the kebab go? What day are you doing a weigh in?
    Once you have bought some, let me know :)
    I was bad yesterday and had home made toad in the hole - mash and broccoli! as well as eating 2 yoghurts for breakfast but salad for lunch :/
    Bought it to 1556.

    But today - better, 2 activia yoghurts for breakfast, egg and bacon filler sandwich and pork with broccoli for dinner - yum yum, all for 1179!

    say yay for a good day!
  16. emmaedes

    emmaedes Gold Member

    hey hun

    kebab went well!! had a small chicken kebab with lettuce and no sauce! filled me up to! and was yum!!

    o yes i dont work well in the snow!! been snowing loads here! far far far too cold!! lol!

    i weigh in on a Tues hun - how about you?

    sounds like u have a good day planned today xxx
  17. Amy_love1991

    Amy_love1991 Member

    Gosh I hate the snow!!! Thankfully it's not laid but the boy still took the day off work incase! Laaazy! Weigh in on a tues before Zumba :)

    What're you eating today? at least kebab was filling - must admit, really craving a kebab! Have been for the past few days! Definitely resisting one! Lol

    Yeah got my day planned but did just eat a teeny malteaster bunny, now just filling up on fizzy water with 0 cals :) Xx
  18. Amy_love1991

    Amy_love1991 Member

    So yesterday I had a weigh in.... Lost nothing! Absolutely nothing!! So disappointed! Where am I going wrong :(

    Ate a banana for breaky, ham salad for lunch then pork meatballs with a like fat salsa dressing, with broccoli!

    Came to 1127 altogether calories wise :/

  19. Amy_love1991

    Amy_love1991 Member

    Today I've had 2 activia yoghurts for breakfast, chicken and lettuce wrap (home made) and I have boiled chicken breast with chorizo and salad for dinner 1009 cals.

    I was told I'm not loosing weight because I don't eat 1200 or more a day... What if your not hungry to eat that amount?!

    Don't understand :/
  20. emmaedes

    emmaedes Gold Member

    Hey Hun!

    How are you?

    Just caught up on ur diary! Right I agree ur not eating 1200cals so maybe ur body has started to go into starvation mode where it holds onto all it's fat cells! Why don't u try and bump up ur cals with some extra bits ie ur wrap today add a little low fat cheese .... Bits like that which are just additions to ur meals? Xxxx

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  21. Amy_love1991

    Amy_love1991 Member

    I'm good ta!

    Hmm I was thinking about it but I'm not hungry so I didn't think I should eat?

    Really confused, some people say eat 1200 then others say eat what you can't don't force yourself :/ maybe ill add in some extras maybe a bit of mayo on foods and have my ketchup back all full of fat lol xx

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