Sineads Re-Start & In Need Of Some Help! x


going to do it this time!
Hello everyone!
Some of you may remember me.. i started cambridge in April.. lost almost 4 stone very quickly in about 3 months.. and then everything started to go pear shaped really! Got myself into a relashionship, let myself go a bit, then christmas came.. went back to my old ways! Anyway.. me and my partner have split up now, as of last night!! so its still very fresh.. but i know now is the time to start cambridge again, if i have to be single & on my own.. i can least look sexy at it!! :)

I know that im going to need lots of msn buddies and other diet buddies to go through this with!.. I have about 6 stone to loose!

Any help would be so greatful!
Thankyou xx
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Hi Sinead. I am afraid I did a similar thing in respect of losing over 2 stone and having put on 1 stone between September and end of December. So like you and many others I am re-starting (after many failed re-starts inbetween!). The forum support will give you the determination to do it again, you have proven you can stick to CD as you have succeeded before. Perhaps you next focus is like mine (once I have got through the first few days, today is day 3) and that is once you have lost the weight or halfway through sort out the head stuff that makes you put it all back on. I think those of us in that cycle have to accept that we need to change our relationship with food and break away from our old eating habits. We simply have to accept our lifestyle insofar as food is concerned has to change otherwise we will never break away from this vicious circle. Also I note you are only 19 years old, you are young enough to break the habits that some of us have had for many more years! Aim for this being the time to make new habits for your 20 and 30;s that are ahead of you. I am sure you can.


going to do it this time!
thank you so much! :)
good luck to you too with your re-start.. feel free to add me to msn or email me as well anyone, for more help & support!
[email protected] :) xx